10 Golden Rules of Relocating in Dubai

10 Golden Rules of Relocating in Dubai  

As you prepare to relocate to Dubai with your family, your heart might be filled with anxiety. Your mind probably jots up a quick to-do list and you resign yourself to hours of searching on the net for answers to all the questions that entails the process of shifting and settling down. But you are on the right track as we at Home Guru make this entire process easy and effortless for you. 

1. Finding accommodation in Dubai

While considering your choice of residence in Dubai the options are many as Dubai caters to all pockets and lifestyles. From low-rise buildings in the older area of Dubai namely Bur Dubai or Deira, to the magnificent skyscrapers on Sheikh Zayed Road and the sprawling villas swimming pool et al with promises of classy community living in the Jumeirah, Greens area, you are spoilt for choice.

2. To buy or to rent in Dubai?

You need to take a call depending on your tenure in Dubai. If it’s a short stint you could look at rented apartments. But if you’re going for a long-term stay in Dubai it is advisable to invest in your own home in the free-holding areas, especially now, when the property prices are at rock-bottom. Brands like Emaar, Nakheel, or Dubai Properties are names to reckon with while traversing the vast property jungle.

3. Furnishing your apartment in Dubai

Before you embark upon the all-consuming task of setting up your house in Dubai please check out the size and the amenities of your new home. Normally most apartments come with a fitted kitchen and in some cases they are also partially furnished. Be sure to ask your broker about the facilities available and make your checklist based on the requirement.

4. Looking for the right school in Dubai

If you have children you would also need to identify the right school for them. Dubai has a wide range of schools that not only offer ICSE, CBSE, IB curricula but also cater to the needs of the various international communities. Although the vicinity of the school may guide your choice of apartments you can rest assured that most of the reputed schools have their own fleet of buses that would pick up your child from your street every day. 

5. Utilities in Dubai

Another key aspect of setting up your house and getting it functional is to apply for the water and electricity supply. You need to make an application to the DEWA – Dubai Electricity and Water Authority along with your tenancy contract and passport copy for a fresh connection before you move into your new home. The same rule is applicable to your phone, internet and cable connection where the two main service providers are Etisalat and Du with a choice of consolidated packages.

6. Running your house in Dubai

While choosing your home you must also keep in mind the necessity of having a hypermarket close by as the lady of the house would be spending a substantial portion of her time picking up useful things for the home here. Once again there is a variety of super-market chains, the most popular ones being Spinneys, Carrefour, Lulu and Al Maya that offer a plethora of choices to suit every need. In areas like Bur Dubai, you can call up your neighbourhood shop and they could get your groceries home delivered. Most offer this service free of cost.

7. Moving around in Dubai

Whether it is commuting to and fro from work, or taking your family out on a holiday, there are various options in Dubai you might want to consider before you get yourself a license. While there are taxis, rent-car services, buses and waterbuses, Dubai Metro is now the best form of public transport. Not only does the Metro give you a unique and spectacular view of the city it is also very cost-effective and saves time, as you do not get caught in the traffic snarls in the peak hours.

8. Driving license in Dubai

In order to really explore the city and beyond you would need to apply for a license as soon as you land here. The rules are quite stringent but after a rigorous training and testing procedure conducted by the authorised driving institutes like the Emirates Driving Institute or the Belhasa Driving School you will not only be able to hit the road but also go off-roading on the sand dunes.

9. Medical facilities in Dubai

If you are coming to Dubai as a bachelor or bringing in your family let us assure you there is world-class medical help close at hand. Dubai has a host of specialised clinics and hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. However medical treatment can be expensive here hence it is advisable to get yourself a private medical insurance normally provided by your organisation.

10. Domestic help in Dubai

In Dubai domestic help comes in all forms. You can hire a part-timer on an hourly, daily or monthly basis and he or she will do just about anything from cleaning, cooking or even baby sitting. You can even sponsor your own live-in help. But please bear in mind that Friday is an official holiday and you might have to tackle your house all by yourself.