5 reasons this is the UAE's favourite cashback credit card

Modern life is incredibly hectic, so efficiency and speed in our daily interactions have never been more highly valued – especially when it comes to our finances.

Hence the rocketing rise in popularity of cashback credit cards. They are easy to understand, and the main benefit comes in the most useful rewards currency – dirhams as opposed to points or frequent flyer miles.

Using a cashback card is like getting paid to spend money that you were going to spend anyway, and big spenders can easily earn hundreds of dirhams a year in cashback. They can also help you simplify your finances and take advantage of perks that debit cards don’t offer.

And since cashback rewards are straightforward to use, they are the most preferred rewards credit card.

If you are looking for the best cashback card, pick the one that lets you do things quickly, gives you the most money back (when you want it) and does so with ease.

Here’s how Dubai First Cashback Credit Card ticks all the boxes.

Get instant cashback and instant redemption

The biggest perk of the Dubai First Cashback Card is getting instant cashback and instant redemption on transactions. This translates to real money in real time that you can actually spend.

You get 5 per cent cashback at the supermarket, 5 per cent cashback when you make online purchases, and 1 per cent cashback on everything else – you’ll soon get used to earning money back on everything you do.

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Plus, you can get a whopping extra 10 per cent cashback on more than 1,500 e-commerce sites by registering with ShopSmart.ae, and 10 per cent off on luxury clothing with online store Farfetch. Happy days.

Lifestyle benefits you’ll adore

The benefits in your day to day are immense too. Whether it’s 20 per cent off on three Careem taxi rides each month, buy-one-get-one free on everything from spas to fine dining, or a range of exclusive fashion and retail discounts, the good life suddenly feels a lot more affordable.

Get to travel in true style

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We’ve all got the travel bug right now of course and this is another reason why the Dubai First Cashback Card is a clear winner. With the Platinum card you get a huge 30 per cent discount on Cleartrip, meaning you make big savings before you even pack your suitcase.

Moreover, all Dubai First Cashback Card customers can travel in style by enjoying unlimited complimentary access to more than 25 regional and international travel lounges in everywhere from the UAE to Canada.

On top of all that, you can enjoy 15 per cent off Avis car rental worldwide and a complimentary upgrade – all when you book with your card. Perfect for road tripping in style.

Feel the financial benefits

It’s not just about the lifestyle perks, there are some fantastic financial benefits when choosing the Dubai First Cashback Card.

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Enjoy the convenience of converting your purchases of Dh500 and above into installment plans instantly through the mobile app. Plus, get an interest-free credit period of up to 56 days when you pay 100 per cent of your outstanding balance.

There’s simply more freedom at every turn – including availing part of your credit limit as a quick loan. You can repay the amount in equal monthly installments at an unbelievable 0 per cent interest in up to 18 months. All this for a one-time processing fee that ranges from 1.9 per cent-4.9 per cent of the approved amount.

If you still need an extra push to take the leap, here’s one you won’t be able to resist.

Customers who obtain the Dubai First Cashback Card during the campaign period will be able to transfer their credit card outstanding balances with other banks to their new card for a promotional rate of 0 per cent interest for up to 18 months. Now that is a game changer.

Pay any way you like – hassle-free

Free yourself of banking rigidity with a card that lets you do things your way and at your pace.

Instantly pay your Dubai First Cashback Card balance directly from the mobile app using a debit card issued by any UAE bank. Or pay your bill online from any UAE bank account through the easy UAEFTS system. Payment will be reflected in your account within just one working day.

You also can make a payment to your Dubai First card using SWIFT – a great option if you are abroad – or simply by cash at more than 130 First Abu Dhabi Bank cash deposit machines, which reflects instantly.

Life doesn’t have to be hard. Choose your pace with Dubai First Cashback Card.

For more information, visit Dubaifirst.com

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