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Abu Dhabi Big Ticket 234 Live Today Winner Dec 2021
Abu Dhabi Big Ticket 234 Live Today Winner Dec 2021

Abu Dhabi Big Ticket 234 Live Today Winner Dec 2021

The bigticket draw series 234 is here today on 03 December 2021. Watch the Big-ticket raffle draw today live from Abu Dhabi.

A massive 10 million Dirhams of the prize is up for grabs in tonight’s Big-ticket draw. Today is the draw for series 208. The expected winning prize for the big-ticket raffle is dirhams 10 million.

The Big 10 Million Dirhams prize is enough for you to have a dream car or buy a house and live a life of luxury. But make sure you buy the big ticket draw raffle.

Tonight, any winner will be getting new thoughts about how they are going to spend this much money.

Date and Time of Draw?

Read this post for a complete list of big-ticket draw dates and timing schedules in 2022.

The draw time of the big ticket is usually on Friday at 7.00 pm. So, grab your ticket and stay tuned. So, today the wait is over and Raffle winners for series 208 will be presented today.

The confirmed lucky winners will be listed below as long as the draw is announced. Watch big ticket draw Abu Dhabi live today.

Draw Date03 December 2021
Draw SeriesBig Ticket 234
Draw LocationArrivals Entrance, Abu Dhabi International Airport
Prize Amount12 Million AED
Draw Time07:30 PM

There will be an estimated 6 Big Ticket Raffle Winners in Friday’s Big-Ticket draw. We will publish a full list of the results and winners as the bigticket draw starts.

Big Tickets have been a tradition since they were first created. One of the most notable things about Big Tickets is that when a new drawing is held every month, the last winner is invited to announce the winning number into the drawing.

How to Watch Big Ticket draw Live?

This is the grandest event of the year and we’re here to present the Big Ticket Winners for Series 234! Raffle winners and their prizes will be listed and announced below. Tune in live to watch the most important names in the contest and watch them receive their prizes!

How to get Big Ticket draw raffle

You can buy bigticket raffles from listed locations in this post or you can buy online as well.

We recommend buying BigTicket raffles only from the locations listed in this post. Or you can directly go to and register to get your luck tested.

Big Ticket 208 Winners in October 2019

Who is the winner of the Abu Dhabi big ticket today 2021? check the list below of Last Big Ticket before Christmas Draw Winners.

So, today, the names of the lucky Raffle winners for series 234 will finally be announced! A total of three players has been selected as the winners of the Raffle, who will soon receive their special prizes from the team!


Today’s 10 million Dirhams winner is:

Renjith Venugopalan Unnithan .Vanajakumari Amma

Ticket Number: 52706

Grand Prize10,000,000Renjith Venugopalan Unnithan .Vanajakumari Amma52706
2nd1,000,000Namboori Madathil Abdul Majeed Siddique153520
3rd100,000Rashia Navila Mohammad Isa21681
4th90,000Priyanka Anto254527
5th80,000Gregory Sang166271
6th70,000Hisham Kovvapurath Menavil152329
7th60,000Renjith Koshy Vaidyan47748
8th50,000Sunail Jacob Hakim Din30270

Who won big ticket Abu Dhabi today?

Who won the big ticket in December 2021?

What are Top Prizes?

The top prize amount of big ticket draw raffle series 234 is dirhams 10 million. The winner must claim their prize within d days of the draw. Following the draw selection, the winning ticket will be sent to the winner at their registered address. The actual numbers of the prize amounts will be revealed on the raffle date, which is December 3rd.

And remember, you can still enter the Raffle for series 235, which will start on the 1st of January. We’ve still got a little time left to register, so make sure you enter as soon as possible!


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