Abu Dhabi Police honour Asian expat for returning lost cash to the authorities


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Abu Dhabi: An Asian man has been honoured by the Abu Dhabi Police for his honesty after he handed over a large sum of lost cash to the authorities.

The expat was also presented with a gift on Wednesday, with the Police commending his actions on their social media platforms. The authorities said the expat had hastened to turn over the cash to the Police so that it could be returned to the person who had lost it.

Selfless action

Brigadier General Mubarak Saif Al Sabousi, director of the external areas directorate for criminal security, presented the gift, thanking the expat for his selfless action.

The man, in turn, thanked the Police for the gift and the recognition. He added that this kind of appreciation also encourages community members to maintain law and order, and motivates them to cooperate with the authorities for public safety and security.


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