Abu Dhabi to end quarantine for all international visitors starting from July 1

Dubai: Abu Dhabi will end quarantine for all international arrivals starting from July 1, according to a government official.

“It will be similar to the Dubai system – the PCR protocol will be different from high-risk to low- risk destinations, ” said Ali Al Shaiba, executive director of Tourism and Marketing, DCT Abu Dhabi.”Quarantine will not be an option,” said Al Shaiba.

Abu Dhabi currently requires travelers to quarantine for 10 days unless they are from a ‘green-list’ country.

“We are announcing an extended green list – this green list will cover a majority of the markets that we are tapping into,” said Al Shaiba “Hopefully, by the first of July, everybody will be allowed to travel to Abu Dhabi”

New markets

The tourism executive said Abu Dhabi was monitoring new markets to make up for the loss incurred from large markets such as India, UK and Germany being shut down.

“We’re monitoring and analyzing these markets on a weekly basis, to find out where are the opportunities (and) which markets we can tap into.. to cover the loss that we might have in other markets,” said Al Shaiba.

Dubai border

Abu Dhabi will “enhance” its border with Dubai to make travel easier, said Al Shaiba. “We’re working with the government on a plan for that border to make it more tourist friendly”

“We can have specific procedures for tourists, so their pass through the border will be much easier, more convenient and seamless as well”

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