Ajman Police arrest woman over unpaid traffic fines worth Dh247,000


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Ajman: Ajman Police have arrested a female driver for committing 414 violations that resulted in fines of Dh247,490 in three years. Most of the fines were for over-speeding and were caught by the radars on the road.

Major Rashid Hamid bin Hindi, Head of Traffic Investigation and Control Department at the Traffic and Patrols Department of Ajman Police, stated that police patrols detected a vehicle whose driver committed 414 violations, at a rate of four violations per week over a period of three years.

Investigations revealed that the vehicle belonged to an Arab woman in her 30s. The traffic offences went piling up, amounting to a total of Dh247,490. The vehicle was then impounded. It was also found that the cause of the violations was negligence of and lack of attention to speed limits.

Police said that in the event of non-payment of the fines within six months, the vehicle will be sold through public auction and the traffic file of the motorist concerned will be closed — meaning that she will not be able to conduct any traffic-related transaction until the fine due is paid in full.

Major Bin Hindi noted that over-speeding was one of the most important reasons behind road accidents.

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Penalties for over-speeding:

Exceeding the speed limit by more than 80km/hr results in a fine of Dh3,000 and 23 traffic points. The vehicle is impounded for a period of 60 days.

Exceeding the speed limit by more than 60km/hr amounts to a fine of up to Dh2,000, 12 traffic points and impounding of the vehicle for 30 days.

Major bin Hindi called on drivers to abide by traffic rules at all times and pay attention to speed limits in order to avoid traffic violations and accidents.


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