Ajman Police release footage of horrific accidents to raise awareness on dangers of sudden lane changing


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Ajman: As part of a safety drive, Ajman Police have posted a video on their social media account, showing a reckless motorist suddenly changing lane and smashing into other vehicles.

‘Sudden deviation’ is one of the major causes of serious accidents, which either result in death or cause permanent disabilities, Police said. Sudden deviation means moving abruptly from one lane to another without making sure that the lane one is entering into is free of vehicles.

Ajman Police said sudden lane changes and wrong overtaking are among the leading causes of traffic accidents in the emirate. Police have urged motorists to take extra care while on the roads and avoid sudden lane changes. Police also said a penalty for violation will be issued according to Article 86 of the Traffic Law, which states that a light vehicle that does not abide by compulsory traffic lane movement shall be fined Dh400. Police stressed the need to adhere to traffic signs and instructions on the roads.

Ajman Police have cautioned drivers to cooperate with traffic officers to ensure road safety, by following traffic laws and regulations in order to maintain and enhance security and safety. Police explained that surveillance cameras at intersections monitor a number of violations, such as jumping the red light and vehicles crossing the intersection at high speeds — whether the signal is green or otherwise. Lane violations while turning were also photographed and monitored.

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Stay in your lane

Ajman Police have stressed that motorists must drive in their designated lanes without changing the direction of the vehicle towards the right or to the left before intersections. The motorist must commit to staying in his or her lane and must adhere to the road signs that indicate whether a driver is allowed to turn the left or right, in order to avoid traffic accidents.

Ajman police have urged motorists to improve their behaviour towards other road users while driving and pointed out that police forces have doubled their efforts to reduce accidents.

Road security

Brigadier General Khalid Muhammad Al Nuaimi, Deputy Director General of Police Operations at Ajman Police, had earlier stated that the death rate in serious traffic accidents in Ajman during 2020 had declined by 33 per cent, while serious traffic accidents declined by 45 per cent. This contributed to achieving the strategic goal of the Ministry of Interior, by way of strengthening road security.

Brigadier Al Nuaimi said that most of the accidents that occurred were due to over-speeding and distraction while on the road, failure to adhere to lane driving, as well as wrong overtaking and not leaving enough distance between vehicles.


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