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Avoid responding to Eid greetings while driving, Abu Dhabi Police warn

Abu Dhabi: Motorists must avoid responding to greetings while driving over the Eid holidays in order to ensure traffic safety for all.

Using handheld devices while driving is a major reason for inattention behind the wheel and is responsible for many road incidents across the UAE. The Abu Dhabi Police will therefore increase the number of traffic patrols on the roads during the Eid holidays, including on arterial roads and highways surrounding busy areas such as malls, parks and tourist destinations. Motorbike patrols will also be deployed as part of a comprehensive traffic safety plan to limit traffic violations.

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Buckle up, avoid speeding

Police have urged all drivers to adhere to traffic safety regulations, including avoiding speeding and ensuring seat belt use for all passengers. The Police stressed that allowing children to move around in a moving vehicle also poses grave risks, which is why all children must be strapped in the rear seat. In addition, motorists must maintain sufficient distance from surrounding vehicles.

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