Big-ticket next draw 233 lists of winners November 2021

Abu Dhabi Big ticket Draw Series 233 is live now.

Well in November, the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket will take place and some of the lucky people in the world will become millionaires who participated in the competition. You can be that lucky person as you can participate in the competition and can be a millionaire so what are you waiting for to become a part of the big Ticket Next Draw 233 Winner.

Big Ticket Next Draw Date

his post for a complete list of big-ticket draw dates and timing schedules in 2022.

Well, the big Ticket lucky Draw is a chance of bringing happiness to your life and changing your life in the way you want. you just have to grab your ticket and stay tuned with us as we will live the podcast which will take place in November.

Next draw date3rd November 2021
Draw Time07:30 PM (GMT+4)
Draw SeriesBig Ticket Draw Series 233
Draw LocationSocial Media Live Stream Only,
Abu Dhabi International Airport
Prize Amount15 Million Dirhams

Thousands of people are participating in this lucky draw, with the hope to change their life. If you are interested in this lucky draw and wanna know about the schedule then here is the link to the schedule.

Big Ticket Live Show November

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Big Ticket Next Draw Schedule

The Big Ticket Lucky Draw takes place on every Month’s 3rd date which is quite good, isn’t it? Right now it is not live it will be live on the 3rd of November and we will update it just turn on the post notification so you can notify when the podcast will be live and can watch it.

The live podcast will also be available online, so we will e keep updating the names of winners during the show it is easier just to mark our website on your bookmark.

Big Ticket Draw Winner November 2021

List of Winners Abu Dhabi Big-ticket Draw Series 233 – 15 Million November 2021

Big Ticket Winner Name is Shahid Mahmood

The ticket Number is 071808

If you wanna know the result of the October Winner Result so you are in right place just stay in tune with us. The show will be live below on the date of 3rd Nov and we will keep updating the name of the winner of the Big Ticket Draw Winner Abhu Dabhi.

Big Ticket Result November 2021 – Winner’s List

The winner’s list is announced shortly after the draw. Here is the big-ticket draw November 2021 winner list.

Grand Prize15,000,000Shahid Mahmood071808Pakistan
2nd1,000,000Georges Dib063241Lebanon
3rd100,000Rolando Bongcasan168630Philippines
4th90,000Hari Krishna Myneni
Veeraiah Myneni
5th80,000Ravi Deviyalayam241950India
6th60,000Theodore Danhash163109Syria

Yes, one thing that you make sure you buy your ticket from a brand shop or some main market don’t buy it from fake email or some other calls.

Are You Curious About How To Buy BigTicket?

The adorable thing about the ticket is that they are giving a happy offer that if you buy two tickets you will get one free so which will maximize your winning potential

So Don’t worry here is the complete guide about it How to buy a big-ticket draw

Big Ticket Next draw 232 will take place on Wednesday, November 3, 2021. this big-ticket draw is the most popular draw in the Abu Dabhi in which new millionaires are made in minutes right This draw usually take place in series mean after every month so you can participate in every draw.

Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Price

The Big Ticket Price range is usually 500 Dirhams which is not much expensive so you can buy more potential of winning and becoming a millionaire in a day right, just buy two and you will get one free which is quite a good offer right.

This event is the most awaited event in the UAE as there are thousands of participants enrolled in it and waiting to change their luck and become millionaires.

Big Ticket Available Locations

Obviously, you have a question that can I buy the Big Ticket draw online? yes, you can. Due to Covid the system has been changed and you can now buy it online as it will also keep you away from the theft sitting home and sending you emails and fake calls about the ticket.


Be careful everyone and don’t ever attention to the messages and fake calls or emails you received by anyone related to the draw which should be like you won the ticket now pay this amount which is totally fake.

The next schedule will be on the 3rd of November 2021 so buckle up everyone and put a reminder on your phone.

How to make money with bigticket draw Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi big ticket draw is a type of lottery that offers the possibility to win up to 1 billion Dirhams. If you want, this article will tell you everything about the number and odds of winning.

Outline intent questions

-What is a big ticket draw?

-How can I win with a big ticket draw?

-What are the odds of winning with a bigticket draw in Abu Dhabi?

What is a big ticket draw?

A bigticket draws are lotteries in which prizes can be worth billions of dollars. They are often sponsored by governments or large companies and are used to raise money for public projects or social welfare.

How can I win with a big ticket draw?

To enter the lottery, you will need to buy tickets online or in person at an authorized vendor. Make sure you enter your information correctly so that the organizers know who wins.

What are the odds of winning with a bigticket draw in Abu Dhabi?

The number and odds of winning depend on the game and the country where it’s located.

The odds of winning with a bigticket draw in Abu Dhabi are 1 in 22,859,800.

Big Ticket Duty Free

The Abu Dhabi Duty-Free is a company that sells luxury items, including designer clothing and watches. The website for the company is in Arabic but has an English button on it to make purchasing easier.

The company also offers credit cards for those who don’t have any or want to buy some more things. The website has an English button on it that will take you to the page where they sell credit cards.

Big Ticket Prize draws in the UAE

There are a variety of ways to make money in the UAE with big ticket draws; however, they differ based on the type. For example, if it is for an event like Hajj, then an individual can use the money they win to help them get funds for their trip. However, if it is a large event or company-wide draw, which may take place throughout the year, then the winner of the draw will be able to win a large sum of money.

Big Ticket Savings accounts

This is a very good way to make money. It has been shown that people have the tendency of spending more when they use credit cards instead of cash. In this case, if you are purchasing tickets for a big event, you are more likely to buy the tickets with your credit card. This is because of the “wanting” feeling that people experience when they know they have money in their account.

This is a very good way to make money, and I recommend that you do it!