Big Ticket Draw Abu Dhabi Series 209, Winner’s List

Big Ticket Draw Abu Dhabi Series 209, Winner’s List

Big Ticket 209 Draw Abu Dhabi

The bigticket draw 209 is ahead and ready to make another millionaire in the United Arab Emirates.

The lucky winner for Bigticket Draw Series 209 for the month of November is on its way, as thousands of fortune players buy their raffle tickets from Abu Dhabi.

Thousands of fingers crossed for the lucky draw. One of this year’s lucky winners is going to be chosen on 03 November 2019 at 7:30 PM.

Big Ticket 209 Next Draw Date

The next draw date for Big Ticket winner’s announcement from Abu Dhabi is listed here.

Next Draw Date03 November 2019
Draw SeriesBig Ticket 209
Draw LocationArrivals Entrance, Abu Dhabi International Airport
Prize Amount15 Million AED
Draw Time07:30 PM

The next lucky draw series 209 is scheduled for 03 November 2019, and the reward will be 15 million Dirhams.

You could be the one lucky winner to scoop staggering 12 million prizes in November’s Bigticket draw Abu Dhabi.

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Bigticket Draw Abu Dhabi’s desire to keep bringing dreams into reality.

Mr. Mohammed Fayaz J A was the lucky winner of the Bigticket Draw Series 208. He was the winner of the lucky draw held on 03 October 2019. He was one of the thousands of participants to take home the massive prize of 12 million Dirhams.

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Bigticket draw is well known successful draw series, where every ticket holder secures a chance to win multiple prizes ranging from 10 thousand up to 15 million Dirhams. Each participant stands an opportunity to make their dreams come true by winning the draw held on the 3rd of every month.

There are thousands of players from multiple nationalities who won prizes in the draw, so make sure to buy your bigticket raffle!

Watch here the bigticket draw live on this page.

Are you curious about big ticket results? See the list of results below, your name may also appear here.

Big Ticket 209 Winners in November 2019


Today’s 15 million Dirhams winner is:


Ticket Number: 098165, India

1stAED15,000,000 Sreenu Sreedharan Nair WEB 098165 India
2ndAED100,000 Zahir Khan WEB 061736
3rdAED90,000 Sidhique Othiyorath WEB 331383 India
4thAED70,000 Abdul Rasheed Kodaliyil Store315105 India
5thAED50,000 Rajeev Rajan WEB 014861 India
6thAED30,000 George Varghese Web 151207 India
7thAED20,000 Sajith Kumar Sadasivan Nair Web 285812 India
8th AED 20,000 Petchimuthu Kasilingam Web 128020 India
9th AED 10,000Shrikant Naik Web199183 India
10th AED 10,000 Arun Babu STORE 179853 India