Big Ticket Today Results January 2022 Draw 235 List of Winners

Bigticket January 2022 Draw 235 List of Winners

Big Ticket draws are always surprising and exciting. And what’s not to love about a prize of Dh25 million! The upcoming Monday the 3rd of January is the scheduled date for one of the biggest prizes to be offered ever in the history of UAE.

Abu Dhabi Big Ticket is offering Dh1,000,000 every week until December. If you’re lucky enough to win this draw, you’ll walk away with Dh25,000,000! Richard clearly explained to us the plan. Each week a new Millionaire will be announced, the winner of that week will get the biggest prize, Dh1 million.

Big Ticket Draw 235 Date, Schedule, and Timing

The Mega Draw will be announced on January 3, 2022, and will pay out a whopping Dh25 million! You can purchase your tickets straight away, or you can wait until the winner is announced. Either way, it will be well worth the wait.

Draw Date03 January 2022
Draw SeriesBig Ticket 235
Draw LocationArrivals Entrance, Abu Dhabi International Airport
Prize Amount25 Million Dirhams
Draw Time07:30 PM

Here is a complete Schedule for big-ticket draws in 2022: Big Ticket Draw Dates and Schedule.

Big Ticket Weekly Draw Dates December

Currently, Big Ticket running for weekly E Draw which is 1 million draw on 9th, 17th, 24th, & 1st January. The customer who purchases the ticket for series 235 which is 25 million tickets will be participating in the weekly E draw on the specific week which they bought the ticket. 

With every Big Ticket purchased, you not only get a chance to win The Tremendous 25 Million on 3rd January 2022, But you also get a chance to win an additional AED 1 million.

Weekly Draw DatesEligibilityWeekly Draw
Prize Money
December 9 (Thursday)Buy tickets from December 1-8 Dh1 Million
December 17 (Friday)Buy tickets from December 9-16Dh1 Million
December 24 (Friday)Buy tickets from December 17-23Dh1 Million
1st January 1 (Saturday)Buy tickets from December 24-31Dh1 Million

The promotion applies all ticket purchases for 25 million not only with the 2+1 offer. 

A big surprise for the UAE ex-pats was when the presenter of the Abu-Dhabi-based big ticket announced December’s every week draw and biggest prize of January draw. according to him in the farewell of the present year and celebrations of the Christmas Big Ticket plans to give away AED 1 Million every week of December. So, in December there will be four millionaires as the result of every week draw that is record-breaking raffles in one month.

Big Ticket 2022 Prize Money

With every big ticket purchased, you get the chance to win the tremendous 25 Million on 3rd January 2022, and you also get a chance to win an additional AED 1 Million every week.

Winners of the Big Ticket AED 1 Million Weekly Draw are selected via an electronic draw and announced on social media and bigticket. ae, on the same day.

Buy your ticket between 9th to 16th December and enter the e-draw on 17th December.

The Price of Big Ticket Draw Raffle

AED 500 is the price of a Big Ticket draw raffle. Big Ticket will run a brand new promotion where if you buy two tickets, one will be free. This way you can join the fun and enjoy yourself in the pits of the Big Ticket. The Dream Car draw raffle price is 150 Dirhams only. In order to purchase Big Ticket and Dream Car Ticket, visit your local store or the Big Ticket website. Read this to learn how to purchase Abu Dhabi big ticket online.

Big Ticket Live Today 2022

Don’t miss the big 235 winners. Watch the live draw video below and see how this game has changed lives.

The 3rd of January is the date the UAE will have the world’s biggest-ever big ticket grand prize. The price is worth 25 million dirhams, that’s tremendous.

Welcome to the new and improved weekly raffle draw. You can win a range of prizes by entering and the more you enter the better your chances will be.

Big Ticket Draw January List of Winners

The big ticket winner today January 2022 is Haridasan Moothattil Vasunni

Check below the full list of lucky winners with their names, ticket number, and prize amount for January 2022.

Your chances to become a billionaire will be higher than ever before. Your ticket to win a million dollars is included in a weekly draw – so you get four chances to become a Millionaire! If you buy draw tickets, you will not only enter the Live Draw on January 3rd but also the weekly draw.

Grand Prize25,000,000Haridasan Moothattil VasunniIndia232976
2nd2,000,000Aswin AravindhakshanIndia390843
3rd100,000Deepak Ramchand BhatiaIndia96192
4th90,000Tejas HalbeIndia291978
5th80,000Dinesh HarleIndia29081
6th70,000Sunilkumar SasidharanIndia349235

The Tremendous 25 Million is here, with 6 millionaires guaranteed! 2nd prize AED 2 Million & weekly e-draws!

Is Abu Dhabi’s big ticket genuine?

It is totally genuine. Some are saying it is a publicity stunt of some public figures, but this is not true.

Can I purchase big ticket by debit card?

Yes, it is as simple as placing an order on Amazon.

Big Ticket Weekly Draw Results December

Witness the list below the lucky winners of the Big Ticket Weekly Draw.

1/1/20221,000,000VEQAR JAFRI164022INDIA
24/12/20211,000,000BIJESH BOSE6125INDIA
17/12/20211,000,000RAFEEK MOHAMMED AHAMMED135561INDIA
9/12/20211,000,000HARUN SHEIKH35677INDIA

Once December will end then the mega jackpot will be held worth AED 25 Million Dirhams on the 3rd of January 2022. On the date of 3rd January 2022, not only 25 million shirts will be given away but another cash prize of 2 million DHS will be waiting for lucky winners.

Other than this huge prize, many more will be given by the big ticket in the final month of 2021. to participate in the every week draw of December participants have to buy tickets on the specific dates of the week then they