Big Ticket Next Draw 212 – List of Winners – Feb 2020

Big Ticket Next Draw 212 – List of Winners – Feb 2020

Bigticket Next draw 212 date is 03 Feb 2020. First Monday of February 2020 a new millionaire will be made by bigticket. Bigticket has now become a life changer. Bigticket made a number of millionaires in recent decades.

Anyone in the world can avail a chance to become a millionaire by participating in the lucky draw.

The price of one bigticket is dirhams 500. Participants can avail the special offer by bigticket buy 2 get 1 free as well. In this case, if you buy 2 tickets you get 1 bigticket for free. So, you can get 3 tickets at 1 thousand dirhams. Which maximizes the chances of your name appearing as the winner of the next big ticket draw 212.

Grab your bigticket from the registered stores or buy bigticket online.

Bigticket next draw prize money is dirhams 12 million. A big amount enough to bring your dreams into reality. Bigticket has changed the life of many by bigticket draw, BMW series, jeep Cherokee series, dear bigticket, social media games and competitions.


Bigticket Next Draw Date Schedule

Next Draw Date 03 February 2020
Draw Series Big Ticket 212
Draw Location Arrivals Entrance, Abu Dhabi International Airport
Prize Amount 12 Million Dirhams
Draw Time 07:30 PM



Here is a complete Schedule for big-ticket draws in 2020: Big Ticket Draw Dates and Schedule.

Hold tight and wait for the next bigticket draw 212 winner’s announcement live event. Witness the millionaires in the making and watch how the big ticket is changing the lives of thousands.

Bigticket next draw 212 is a hope form many to win a big amount of 12 million dirhams. Thousands of participants buy bigticket to get a chance to win prize money with the hope to bring happiness in their life.

BIgticket draw 212 lists of winners

List of Winners Bigticket Series 212 – 12 Million February 2020
The name of lucky winners will be declared soon after the draw is held today. Stay tuned.

Bigticket draw 212 live today

The bigticket series 212 dirhams 12 million winner
Today’s 20 million Dirhams winner is:
Name of BigTicket 212 Winner is: Nidal Shanwar
Ticket Number: 216317 , Syria


1st AED 12,000,000 Nidal Shanwar Syria 216317
2nd AED 100,000 Premkumar Gopala Pillai India 299414
3rd AED 90,000 Hidayatullah Khan Bate Khan Pakistan 193219
4th AED 80,000 Donny Peralta Rocafort Philippines 165825
5th AED 70,000 Jose Manansala Philippines 291812
6th AED 60,000 Shadula Mohammad India 144332
7th AED 50,000 Robert Ndung’u Kenya 144890

The January big-ticket draw 211 winners is a Pakistani ex-pat from Sharjah. Mr. Muhammad Shahzad Hassan was hit by his life’s biggest surprise while he got a call from Richard the announcer of bigticket draw. He didn’t even remember he bought a bigticket even.

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Be careful of any fraudulent calls or emails claiming your winning prize.

Buy your bigticket yourself from authorized stores or online by registering yourself.

For any questions please contact big ticket toll-free number: +971 2 2019244

Give yourself a chance to be a millionaire,  buy your bigticket raffle.


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    Anvar ali

    What is the winning number of jeep Cherokee for big ticket ?
    I already booked 10 th January 2020 by web , so you please just i want know that winning number or still not yet draw ?