Big Ticket Next Draw 213 – List of Winners – March 2020

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Bigticket Next draw 213 date is 03 March 2020. First Tuesday of March 2020 a new millionaire will be made by bigticket. Bigticket has now become a life changer. Bigticket made several millionaires in recent decades.

Anyone in the United Arab Emirates can avail a chance to become a millionaire by participating in the lucky draw.
Big Ticket March 2020 is ready to bring another millionaire in the United Arab Emirates.

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Bigticket next draw prize money is dirhams 10 million. Big ticket 2020 is becoming a very famous jackpot in UAE.

Bigticket March 2020 Next Draw Schedule

Next Draw Date 03 March 2020
Draw Series Big Ticket 213
Draw Location Arrivals Entrance, Abu Dhabi International Airport
Prize Amount 10 Million Dirhams
Draw Time 07:30 PM

Here is a complete Schedule for big-ticket draws in 2020: Big Ticket Draw Dates and Schedule.

Witness how the bigticket is changing the lives and bringing happiness. Grab your bigticket and stay tuned we will broadcast here live event of big-ticket winner March 2020.

Your dreams can come to life by bigticket, and life can be different if you win the bigticket draw this month.

Bigticket next draw 213 is a hope form many to win a significant amount of 10 million dirhams. Thousands of participants buy bigticket to get a chance to win prize money with the hope to bring happiness in their life.

Big Ticket Winner March 2020

List of Winners Bigticket Series 213 – 10 Million March 2020

The name of lucky winners was declared soon after the draw is held today. Stay tuned.


Today’s 10 million Dirhams winner is: Mohan Kumar

BigTicket 213 Winner is. Mohan Kumar

Ticket Number: 050897, India



If you are also waiting for a significant ticket result in March 2020, then you are in the right place. Big ticket winner March 2020 will be announced soon, stay tuned. Abu Dhabi’s big ticket March 2020 is broadcasting live below. Big Ticket March 2020 Draw live event is here with a lot of surprises and enjoyment.

Big Ticket Result March 2020 – Winner’s List

Here is the big ticket March 2020 winner list.

1st Winner 10,000,000 AED Mohan Kumar India   WEB 050897  
2nd Winner 100,000 AED Mohan Ganesan India WEB   266719
3rd Winner 90,000 AED Laila Suresh India WEB   098711
4th Winner 80,000 AED Isameldin Abdelwahab Sudan WEB   117270
5th Winner 70,000 AED Bantval Keshava Shetty India WEB     050639
6th Winner 50,000 AED Mohanan Pulli India Store   032524
7th Winner 30,000 AED Abdul Wali Khan Nazir Gul Pakistan Store   021630
8th Winner 20,000 AED Nadukkandi Parambil Sajith India WEB   200570
9th Winner 10,000 AED Suny Devassykutty India WEB 235877
10th Winner 10,000 AED Mayenne Casador Philippines WEB 104291

The February big-ticket draw 212 winners is a Syrian ex-pat. Mr. Nidal Shanwar was the lucky winner for Abu Dhabi’s big ticket in February 2020.

Be careful about any fraudulent calls or emails claiming your winning prize.

Buy your bigticket yourself from authorized stores or online by registering yourself.


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