Big Ticket Next Draw 216 – List of Winners – June 2020

Big Ticket Next Draw 216 – List of Winners – June 2020

Big Ticket Next Draw 216 – List of Winners – June 2020

Bigticket Next draw 216 date is 03 June 2020. First Wednesday of June 2020 a new millionaire will be made by bigticket. The lucky draw gives a chance for anyone to take part and win to be a millionaire in the United Arab Emirates. May 2020 is ready to bring another millionaire in UAE.
Bigticket offers a great opportunity to maximize your winning chances with buy two get one free.
This time the prize money for the lucky draw is a massive 12 million Dirhams.

Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Price

The total price of a big ticket raffle is 500 Dirhams. So, if you buy two tickets, you will get one extra bigticket raffle for free. This is what a Dubai lottery ticket price is.
How to win in big ticket in Abu Dhabi? It is just a ticket away. Grab your chance and wait for the draw announcements. You could be the next lucky winner this time. Best of luck.
Bigticket event is one of the most awaited events in the United Arab Emirates. As there are hundreds and thousands of participants, yet the total number of ticket holders is never revealed.
Everyone of all participants has equal chances of winning.


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Big Ticket Available Locations

can I buy Abu Dhabi big ticket online? A lot of people have been asking this question.
Yes! You can buy Abu Dhabi big ticket online. Due to the current situation of a pandemic, the participants are encouraged to buy big tickets from the online store. Do not fall prey to any fake agents or websites if any for buying bigticket raffles. Only buy your ticket from the official big ticket store or visit the stores listed here.

Bigticket June 2020 Next Draw Schedule

The last month of Big ticket draw is scheduled 3rd of every month from Abu Dhabi, currently, the draw is not public but it will be cast live on Facebook page and the link will be given below. You will be able to watch the lucky draw live on this page. The next draw will be held on the first Wednesday of June 2020. big ticket live session will be available on this page as soon as the draw starts.

Next Draw Date 03 June 2020
Draw Series Big Ticket 216
Draw Location Social Media Live Stream Only / Arrivals Entrance, Abu Dhabi International Airport
Prize Amount 12 Million Dirhams
Draw Time 02:00 PM (GMT+4)

Here is a complete Schedule for big-ticket draws in 2020: Big Ticket Draw Dates and Schedule.

Witness how the bigticket is changing lives and bringing happiness. Grab your bigticket and stay tuned we will broadcast here the live event of big-ticket winner May 2020.

Bring your dreams to life by participating in the next bigticket lucky draw series 216.

Thousands of participants buy bigticket to get a chance to win prize money with the hope to bring happiness in their life.

Big Ticket Draw Winner June 2020

List of Winners Abu Dhabi Bigticket Draw Series 216 – 12 Million June 2020. The winner of May draw will be announced in the first week of June.
The name of lucky winners is declared soon after the draw is held today. Stay tuned.

Watch below the big ticket draw video for today’s draw.

Bigticket draw 216 live today

Today’s 12 Million Dirhams winner is:
BigTicket 216 Winner is. Assain Muzhippurath
Ticket Number: 139411, India

If you are also waiting for Abu Dhabi Bigticket draw result for June 2020 series 216, then you are in the right place. Big ticket winner May 2020 will be announced soon, stay tuned. Abu Dhabi’s big ticket May 2020 is broadcasting live below. Big ticket May 2020 Draw live event is here with a lot of surprises and enjoyment.

If you want to view the big ticket winner June 2020 list, check Bigticket draw 216 live today.


The winner’s list is announced shortly after the draw. Here is the big ticket draw May 2020 winner list.

1st 12,000,000  Assain Muzhippurath 139411  India
2nd 100,000 Sriharsha Prabhakar 104019 India
3rd 90,000 Hazrat Nabi 245372 Pakistan
4th 80,000 Mohamed Morgan 208344 Egypt
5th 70,000 Muhammad Ismail Fazal Ur Rehman 99870 Pakistan
6th 60,000 Shajeendra Das 244544 India
7th 50,000 Gokuldev Vasudevan 185202 India

The winner of last month’s draw was an Indian salesman working in UAE at a salary of 5000. He told that bigticket will be very much helpful for him to waive the loans on him of AED 700,000.

Be careful about any fraudulent calls or emails claiming your winning prize. Buy your bigticket yourself from authorized stores or online by registering yourself.

The next bigticket draw is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, 03 June 2020.