Big Ticket Next Draw 218 – List of Winners – August 2020

Big Ticket Next Draw Series 218 List of Winners Today August 2020

When is Big Ticket next draw?

Bigticket Next draw 218 date is 03 August 2020. First Monday of August 2020 a new millionaire will be made by bigticket. The lucky draw will change the life of another participant who takes a part in Big Ticket Draw in the United Arab Emirates. August 2020 is ready to make another millionaire in UAE.


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When is Big Ticket Draw 218?

Below is the schedule of big-ticket UAE:

Next Draw Date 03 Aug 2020
Draw Series Big Ticket 218
Draw Location Social Media Live Stream Only, Abu Dhabi International Airport
Prize Amount 12 Million Dirhams
Draw Time 02:00 PM (GMT+4)


Watch Bigticket Draw Live Today

Witness the millionaires in the making with big-ticket, watch Abu Dhabi big-ticket draw live today here, Bigticket draw 218 live today.


Who is the Winner of Big Ticket draw 218 series

Today’s 12 Million Dirhams winner is:
BigTicket 218 Winner is. Dipankar Dey

Ticket Number: 041486


Here is the big ticket August 2020 winner list.

Grand Prize 12,000,000 Dipankar Dey 41486 India
1st 100,000 Sujin P S 200334 India
2nd 90,000 Jineesh Chandran 134248 India
3rd 80,000 Sreerag Suresh 275329 India
4th 70,000 Ahmed Kabeer 165406 India
5th 60,000 Nazar Palliparambil 241046 India
6th 50,000 Jenit Joseph 115503 India


What is Big Ticket Draw?

Big-ticket is a draw scheme in UAE initiated in 1992 and its buyers are increasing day by day. It is the most secured and trusted name in the draw scheme, which commenced every month.

Here is the complete schedule for all of the big-ticket draws: Big Ticket Draw Dates and Schedule.

Want to Be a Millionaire?

It is everybody’s dream to become rich and enjoy a luxurious life. We all want to live in a huge house in an expensive car. However, most of the time this dream comes true only in the life of an already wealthy person and the rest of the people struggling in their whole life to achieve this. There are many opportunities in the world, offer you to become a millionaire even you have no enough money. The most attractive opportunity among these is a “Big Ticket”.

Where to buy Big Ticket?

Anybody can buy this ticket from around the world as its website offers you to buy it online. Also, they aware you keep yourself away from fraudulent websites or agents. When someone wins the prize, they inform the winner through contact no. mentioned while purchasing the big-ticket. The price of the ticket is 500 AED and they have to buy two and get one free offer as well. They offer prize money on each draw; one of them is a bumper prize of 12 Million AED.

Once you purchased the ticket, you are only worried about how to check, if I am among the lucky winners! So, there is good news for you, you can check the results online for this you just need to have an internet connection. On the website, you can check results not only monthly but also can categorize with respect to money prize. The next coming up draw series is “Big-ticker Series 218” and prize money is 12 Million AED.

Big Ticket Available Locations

Where to buy Abu Dhabi’s big ticket? A lot of people have been asking this question.
The answer is yes Yes! You can buy Abu Dhabi big ticket online. Due to the current situation of a pandemic, the participants are advised to buy big tickets from the online store. Do not buy from any person/agent or any third party services maybe it will be a fraud. Only buy your ticket from the official big ticket store or visit the stores.