Big Ticket Next Draw 219 – List of Winners – September 2020

Big Ticket Next Draw Series 219 List of Winners Today September 2020

When will be next Big Ticket Draw?

The date for next BigTicket draw series 219 is on September 03, 2020. A new millionaire on the first Thursday of September 2020 will be announced. The amount for this draw series 219 is 10 Million Dirhams. This time BigTicket Abu Dhabi has announced that the two lucky winners will become millionaires in September’s draw. There will be a grand prize of 10 Million Dirhams.

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When is Big Ticket Draw 219?

The BigTicket Draw 219 schedule is as follow:


Next Draw Date September 03, 2020
Draw Series Big Ticket 219
Draw Location Social Media Live Stream Only, Abu Dhabi International Airport
Prize Amount 10 Million Dirhams
Draw Time 02:00 PM (GMT+4)


Watch Bigticket Draw Live Today

You can watch BigTicket draw at Abu Dhabi Airport or can watch live by following the link.

Witness the millionaires in the making with big-ticket, watch Abu Dhabi big-ticket draw live today here, Bigticket Draw 219 Live Today

Who was the winner of last BigTicket Draw 218 series?

The last BigTicket Draw 218 winner was an Indian national and his name is Dipankar Dey, and the ticket number was; 041486.

Who is the Winner of Big Ticket draw 219 series

Today’s 12 Million Dirhams winner is:
BigTicket 219 Winner is. Gurpreet Singh

Ticket Number:  067757

The BigTicket 10 Million Series 219 September 3, 2020 Winners List

The list will be updated after the draw held. Stay tuned for more updates.

Here is the big ticket September 2020 winner list.

Grand Prize 10,000,000 Gurpreet Singh 067757 India
2nd 1,000,000 Tanya Vitanova 276402 Bulgaria
3rd 100,000 Subeesh Meethale Kollandavida 045247 India
4th 90,000 Banisader Moideen 167929 India
5th 80,000 Rohith Dsouza 175198 India
6th 70,000 Ajay Kumar 044561 India
7th 60,000 Rose Maravillas 102182 Philippines
8th 50,000 Ammar Barakat 123675 Syria
9th 40,000 Shafeeq Ahmed 200598 India
10th 30,000 Bikramjit Khomdram 155609 India


Want to be a Millionaire?

The word “Millionaire” is an attractive word that takes us in dreams and we start thinking to become rich with a luxurious life, huge house, an expensive car. We want to become Millionaire overnight but the reality is that it may take years to convert our dreams true. On the other side, if we think smartly, we can make Millionaire overnight through different legit options. The most attractive/authentic option among those in Abu Dhabi’s “BigTicket”.

Where to buy Big Ticket?

There are different options where you can buy this ticket. This process is not difficult you can buy this ticket from around the world through online platforms (official website). Just one thing to keep in mind that be careful and not to buy tickets from unauthorized resources as in past different fraudulent cases filed. Another thing whenever someone wins a prize, they inform you through the contact information mentioned while purchasing the big-ticket other than this not to share your details with anyone as it may be some scam. The starting price of BigTicket is 500 AED and there is buy two and get one free offer with it. The lucky draw is on date three of each month with a bumper prize of 10 Million AED.

After purchasing the ticket one’s worried that from where we can check if I am the lucky winner. So don’t you worry, you can check the draw results online. Through the official website, you can check who wins the grand prize and other winners up to 6 positions. The next coming up draw series is “Big-ticket Series 219” and prize money is 10 Million AED.

Big Ticket Available Locations

There are lots of queries about where to buy Abu Dhabi’s BigTicket? Is there any option online? Or We only can buy from Abu Dhabi Airport?

You can buy Abu Dhabi BigTicket online through official channels. As discussed earlier, be careful while buying online. As most of the time people faced fraud, also their secret information leaked. Therefore, our advice is to buy your ticket from the official website / store only.

What is Big Ticket Draw?

The BigTicket draw is a monthly lottery draw for cash prizes and other luxury cars in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Initially, the Big Ticket started in 1992 and the first monthly draw was 1 Million Dirham cash prize. From the first draw to now, different draws are being conducted and last Draw Series 218 was on August 03, 2020, and the next Draw Series 219 is on September 03, 2020.

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