Big Ticket Next Draw 221 – November 2020 – List of Winners

Big ticket next Draw Abu Dhabi Live Today Series 220 Abu Dhabi October 2020

The biggest lucky draw of the UAE is Big ticket draw that is quite famous among all the folks of the UAE. People who believe in luck don’t hesitate to buy ticket and put their names on the list of those who can win amazing luxurious prizes or a magical 15 million Dirhams at one shot. Every month someone got lucky to take the happiness of wealth to his home just by winning this grand raffle in Abu Dhabi.

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In the following month, Big ticket draw continues its 221 series and will give a chance to some people to win a huge cash prize and luxury prizes. Buy your tickets and chase for the luxury life.


Grand Prize15,000,000IndiaNobin Mathew254806
2nd500,000IndiaGibson Jose328676
3rd100,000IndiaSheeja Roy Abraham151016
4th90,000IndiaAnil Thomas108304
5th80,000IndiaFrancis Kaitharath Poulo336000
6th70,000IndiaVenkatesh Katta279751
7th60,000IndiaKurban Bhagu Khan322443
8th50,000IndiaAnil Mirchandani79622
9th40,000PakistanMujahid Zaman Ahmad Chattha Chaudhry Muhammad Aslam Chattha40832
10th30,000IndiaSainul Abideen Koyamunte Purakkal282790

Schedule for the upcoming big-ticket draw 221:

The next big ticket draw will be held on 3rd November 2020 at 2:pm in Abu Dhabi. Live streaming of the event can be seen at the official site of the bigticket.

Next draw date3rd November
Draw series221
Draw locationSocial Media Live Stream Only, Abu Dhabi International Airport
Prize amount15 million Dirhams
Draw time02:00 PM (GMT+4)

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Watch Bigticket Draw Live Today

New lucky winners of bigticket draw will be announced at Live streaming video of the Bigticket draw. 

Where to buy Big ticket:

The lucky big ticket can be purchased by any person without any restriction from the official website of the big ticket. It cost only 500 AED. To enhance the chances of getting lucky, you can get one free lottery ticket after buying two tickets.

Winner of the big ticket Draw 220:

The winner of the Big ticket draw 220, held on the 3rd of October, is a Saudi national who runs fast food business in Bahrain. Ahmed Al Hamidi keeps his residency in Bahrain, got lucky, and wins a prize of 12 dirhams. According to him, he has been purchasing big tickets for the previous four to five years. A 54-year old Ahmed Al Hamidi newly millionaire got lucky in October 2020.

This luck can come to anyone so, spend 500 AED and buy a big ticket to enjoy this happy luck!