Bur Dubai Police Station settles bounced cheque cases worth Dh644 million

Dubai: The Bur Dubai police station managed to settle bounced cheque cases involving Dh644 million last year, a top official said.

Brigadier Abdullah Khadim, Director of Bur Dubai Police Station, said that officers settled bounced cheque cases worth Dh644.1 million last year, compared to cases worth Dh767.4 million in 2019.

He said that the accused in these disputes are not involved in criminal cases. “Settling the bounced cheque cases solved major problems. Those involved in such cases are traders and businessmen who failed to settle their debts for some reason or another. The settlement option enables them to recommence their commercial activities and get on with their lives,” Brig Khadim said in a statement.

The settlement rate in bounced cheque cases dropped by 36 per cent. “Police stations in Dubai have set up a separate office to settle the cases. Parties in the cases can sit and negotiate for a friendly settlement. Many of them withdraw the cases after reaching a settlement,” he added.

Dubai Police said people can register a bounced cheque complaint via the police application and the two parties in the case can keep track of the procedures on their phones.

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Brig Khadim pointed out that with the previous procedure, the reports directly referred to the Dubai Public Prosecution. “Bur Dubai Police Station has been taking preventive measures to combat this crime by assigning teams to track down wanted defendants in bounced cheque cases, monitor them, and present them to justice,” he added.

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