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Dear Reader,

We have stepped into a new digital age. is the number one English news website in the UAE and the region. We have a very loyal readership. You have been with us for years. We value and respect you.

You have placed your trust in us because our content is fact-checked and verified. We not only cover the news – we uncover the truth. We go beyond the news, bringing you analysis, opinion and in-depth stories from our distinguished panel of writers and journalists.

The publishing industry the world-over has been faced with increased costs, which have risen dramatically over the past few years. Ad revenues have dwindled. Major news websites are charging for their content. This is in line with international practices and trends.

We are a pioneer in this region. We have launched a digital subscription, where we offer you, our readers, packages to suit your interests. We have taken the times into consideration and prices are nominal. Our price is as low as AED 1 per week.

Gulf News has launched two digital subscription plans. Both subscription plans have a special introductory offer for a limited time period.

The plans are:

– Standard Access Plan

– Prime Access Plan

Standard Access Plan is a monthly subscription plan with regular access to and is priced at AED 5.95 as an introductory offer against a base price of AED 11.

Prime Access Plan has both monthly and annual subscription options. It provides access to all our special content in addition to regular news coverage on

The monthly Prime Access Plan is priced at AED 8.95 as an introductory offer against a base price of AED 18.

The annual plan is priced at AED 52 – only AED 1 a week as an introductory offer against a base price of AED 195. This price is for users who have registered with Gulf News until April 19, 2021.

All new customers registering from April 20, 2021 onwards, can avail themselves of the Prime Annual Plan for AED 65 against the base price of AED 195. Monthly subscription offers remain the same.

As we take this step, we have ensured we further cater to your interests by strengthening our content, content that matters and is credible, making our offering worth the money.

We have launched Living in UAE, which tells you all you need to know about the laws in the country, it explains the clauses and goes beyond the news. Living in UAE is your one-stop guide. It’s updated, invaluable information just a click away.

Your Money gives you advice on how to save, invest and spend your hard-earned money wisely. Our experts break down complex economic jargon into simple explainers and give tips on what you can do to make your money grow.

Parenting helps mums and dads when they need aid from experts. If you need some advice, then look no further.

The Food section explores cuisines and cultures. You can relax after a hard day with our Games section by solving our crossword or playing Sudoku.

Our Special Reports section goes beyond the news as our experienced team of reporters and editors look at stories in-depth and tell you what exactly they mean and how they affect your lives.

Please journey with us as we continue to bring you news and analysis from the UAE, Region, World, Business, Sport and Entertainment.

You appreciate the value of content that you pay for. We have tailor-made subscription offers to suit your interests. Choose which fits you best. Subscribe here:

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