Can Foreigners Get Driving License In UAE?

Can Foreigners Get Driving License In UAE

Can Foreigners Get Driving License In UAE? Because the UAE has a well-developed road infrastructure, you may witness automobiles racing down the motorways and even animals on some quieter backroads. Driving in the UAE might be daunting, what with the speed demons on the roads and the massive traffic jams. Fortunately, it’s not as horrible as it appears, and the advantages of having your vehicle greatly surpass any initial reservations.

You must also remember to follow all speed restrictions. Unfortunately, some drivers are aggressive or dangerous, so be aware. Otherwise, driving conditions are comparable to those found in many Western nations.

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The UAE’s legal driving age is 18. However, you must be 21 to rent a car. Like many other instances, your passport impacts how simple it is to obtain a UAE driver’s license. Passport holders from specific countries (see the complete list here) can legally easily convert their unexpired driver’s license to one issued by the UAE. Passport holders from all other nations, on the other hand, must start from scratch and get a UAE license to drive in the country lawfully. 

Can Foreigners Get Driving License In UAE

Can foreigners get a driving license in UAE?

Tourists with driver’s licenses from specific nations, such as the United States, are permitted to drive. However, remember that many rental businesses need an International Driving Permit; consequently, obtaining one may be a good idea. If you have an Emirates ID, you must obtain an Emirati driver’s license to drive lawfully. You can also look for can I use UAE driving license in Europe.

How To exchange a foreigner license in UAE?

You are not considering a visitor if you live, work, or study in the UAE. As a result, you cannot drive using your native country’s driver’s license. As a result, if your nation is qualified, you must start exchanging a foreign driver’s license in the UAE; if your country isn’t eligible, you must start receiving a new driver’s license entirely. So, regardless of which emirate you live in, you will need to bring the following documents to your local service center:

  • A copy of the original driver’s license
  • Emirates ID copy.
  • There are many occupations that a NOC does not require, and you can find them all here.
  • Photographs of passport size
  • Report of eye test (available from any optician)
  • Your driver’s license translated into Arabic 

If you have all of your papers available, receiving your license should take a few weeks. Budgeting AED 1,000 for the entire procedure, including service center fees and the eye test, is a fair bet.

How to get a driving license in UAE?

If you cannot transfer your driver’s license, you must apply for a new Emirati driver’s license. Unfortunately, the procedure is time-consuming. You must open a traffic file at a recognized driving facility, which will require your passport, Emirates ID, passport-sized pictures, a No-Objection Certificate (if necessary), and an eye exam result.

Then you must complete all the necessary driving classes and the theoretical and practical examinations. You will receive your driver’s license once you have passed the exam. You can find more information on a government website.

How To Get A Car In UAE?

It is vital to remember that in the UAE, petrol is cheap, yet taxi journeys are expensive. As a result, whether you want to rent or purchase, owning a car is a bright idea if you reside there. If you want to buy, several showrooms sell various types of vehicles. After you’ve decided on a vehicle, you’ll be able to explore financing and payment alternatives. Fortunately, the dealer will handle the insurance and registration, and the automobile will be entirely yours.

If you are wondering about a rental, you only need to select your favorite rental business and supply the necessary papers. Fortunately, renting a car is simple; some firms will even bring the automobile to you.

Can foreigners drive in Dubai?

Tourist visa holders are not permitted to drive a private automobile in the UAE. The sole exemption is if a close relative owns the personal car. Essentially, the rule is concerned with the protection of the rights of private automobile owners.

How can a foreigner get a driver’s license in Dubai?

If you’re thinking about relocating to Dubai, you should consider driving while you’re there. Many guests prefer an air-conditioned automobile to walk in the blazing desert sun, and several sights and services exist. Although the city has many public transportation choices, they may be sluggish.

Obey the rules:

The essential thing to remember when driving in Dubai is to stick to the rules:

  • Don’t tailgate or overtake recklessly.
  • Don’t text or call while driving.
  • Always wear a seatbelt.
  • Don’t drive on the hard shoulder.

The emirate can impose harsh penalties on people who violate traffic regulations, including jail or deportation.

The UAE has a right-hand-drive road system. To begin with, it implies the driver sits on the right side of the vehicle and the passenger on the left, and on a two-way highway, the driver will move to the right side. Also, remember that under UAE legislation, the driver must always have documentation such as a driver’s license, registration card, or other relevant data, as well as their Emirates ID. Furthermore, speed restrictions in the UAE are as follows: 31 mph in residential areas, 50 mph in metropolitan areas, and 75 mph on highways. In general, all traffic laws are the same in many Western nations.

In this scenario, it is good to call the automobile rental business ahead of time to confirm if they will take your country’s license or whether you will require an international driving permit or IDP. After you’ve resolved this issue, and in the event of the second alternative, you’ll have enough time to apply for an international driving license in your home country.

This document, valid for one year and may be issued in ten different languages, shows that you hold a valid license. Furthermore, if you lose your passport or ID card, an international driver’s license and the IDP should always be carried with you (if necessary). Contact the Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE to receive an IDP for UAE citizens (ATCUAE).

Can Foreigners Get Driving License In UAE

Exchange a foreign License to Uae?

Nationals from the United States, Austria, the United Kingdom, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and 24 other countries may exchange their driving licenses for Emirati licenses. However, it cannot be changed if it was issued from:

  • Puerto Rico
  • North Mariana 
  • Guam Island (USA)
  • Liechtenstein Island (Switzerland)
  • Monaco Island (France)  
  • Jersey Island (Britain)

The document is valid for one year for those under the age of 21 and two years for above the age of 21. With the following documents, you may apply for a license exchange at any RTA branch:

  • exceptional country’s original driving license
  • When your license is not in Arabic or English, you will need a legal translation.
  • A test of the eyes using an electronic device
  • ID cards issued by the Emirates

License Conversion Fee:

  • The cost of opening a file is AED 200 (USD 55)
  • Licenses issued for 600 AED (USD 165)
  • For the handbook manual, AED 50 (USD 14) 
  • Knowledge and Innovation fees are AED 20 (USD 6).

Can foreigners get a driving license in UAE? Yes, by taking classes and passing driving tests.

Car Costing In UAE:

The automobile’s cost will be determined by the model you have purchased or want to purchase. The following are the approximate prices for one of the most popular automobile models in the UAE: the 2018 Toyota Corolla:

  • For sale, AED 18,000 (USD 4,900).
  • car registration and safety checks each year.
  • For a year, insurance is AED 3,000 to AED 4,000. 
  • Whenever you drive through the SALIK road toll system, you will charge AED 4 
  • The average fuel cost is AED 2.5 per liter.

Is an Indian driving license valid in Dubai?

If you’re an Indian national living in or visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it’s essential to know whether your Indian driving license is valid in Dubai. The answer is no, as Dubai does not recognize Indian driving licenses. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t drive in Dubai; you will need to obtain an International Driving License (IDL), a translation of your Indian license that the UAE recognizes. You can apply for an IDL from the Automobile Association of India (AAI). The process is relatively straightforward, and once you have your IDL, you’ll be able to drive in Dubai without any problems.

Do you need NOC For Driving License in Sharjah?

No, you do not need a NOC for a driving license in Sharjah. Here is a detailed article to address this question.