Can I Use UAE Driving License In Europe?

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Can I Use UAE Driving License In Europe? To know about it, kindly read this blog carefully. The UAE driving license has been approved for use abroad, with permit holders permitted to drive and lease automobiles in up to 50 countries. According to an updated list on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation’s website, a driving license issued in the Emirates now recognize in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand, and EU nations such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Norway, and Spain.

This is a significant movement from last year, when the UAE driver’s license was only accepted in nine countries: Austria, Slovakia, Luxembourg, China, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Romania, and Serbia. Romania is not on the most recent list.

A consular worker at the Swiss Embassy verified that the regulations are in effect and that UAE drivers will no longer need international licenses in Switzerland. According to him, the UAE driving license may use to lease and drive automobiles in Switzerland for the identical vehicle categories listed on the UAE driving license. 

The time that UAE citizens can use UAE-issued licenses will vary based on local rules. In the case of Switzerland, the law applies to UAE visitors with short-term visas of up to 90 days. They can drive for up to one year with their UAE license for UAE citizens planning a more extended stay. Following that, they must exchange their license for a Swiss license, for which they must pass a 45-minute driving test. 

“The consulate official explained that professionals (such as truck drivers and taxi drivers) must exchange their license and complete a more advanced test before starting work.” Residents suggested that the new laws widely publicize so that automobile rental firms know about the changes.

Can I Use UAE Driving License In Europe

How Can You Drive In Europe?

It’s a daring and intriguing approach. This implies that individuals will not have to rush to acquire an international license while their visas are processed, said Shahzad Sheikh, editor-in-chief of Motoring Middle East. There will be some misunderstanding since this information needs to publicize so that automobile rental firms in various countries are aware of it. 

If a UAE resident becomes a resident in any of those nations, they will require a local license to buy or insure an automobile, just like in our country. Before the regulation announces this week, regular travelers reported renting and driving cars in Europe and the United States with Emirates-issued licenses.

The cost of driving lessons is between 1000 and 2000 EUR, so visiting another country for classes doesn’t seem unreasonable. My aim is that, because the rivalry between driving schools has just recently become worldwide, there are certain nations where it is substantially cheaper. Also, look at whether can Oman driving license be used in UAE.

Can I use UAE driving license in Europe?

Suppose you’re traveling to Europe for business or pleasure and intend to drive. In that case, you’ll need to obtain an International Driver’s License but keep in mind that an International Driver Authorization is not the same as a European Driver’s License, which is an EU-designing driver’s license meant to replace individual country permits.

Because it is essentially a translation of your existing driver’s license into foreign languages, (IDP) must use in combination with a valid United States license to be valid. This official document contains basic identifying information such as your photo, address, and legal name, as well as a translation of your license into ten foreign languages.

In the United States, IDPs may purchase for $20 through American Automobile Association (AAA) offices and the American Automobile Touring Alliance (AATA). Because these are the only two companies in the United States allow to provide foreign driving licenses, do not attempt to obtain one from any other service provider.

Some European nations require Americans to hold an International Driver’s License, whereas the majority do not. Rental car companies frequently ignore this provision, but it may be helpful if you pull up for a driving violation. It recommends checking with the tourism board for the nation you’ll be visiting before you leave to receive the most up-to-date information on what you’ll need to drive in another country. However, most European nations do not need American drivers to hold an IDP.

However, the following countries require International Driver Permits in addition to valid US driver’s licenses: 

  • Austria 
  • Bosnia 
  • Herzegovina 
  • Croatia, 
  • Czech Republic 
  • Germany 
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia, Spain

You may not ask for an IDP in these countries, but you are technically required to have one.

The Road Laws And Rules:

You should also be aware of the road laws in other countries. The US State Department offers excellent resources for foreign tourists, including country-specific road and traffic information—their Road Safety Overseas website includes detailed advice for safe driving. To ensure that you have everything in order before traveling to a European nation, contact the embassy or government office of the country you intend to visit and enquire about their criteria for IDPs or the usage of your current license. 

Business travelers should also consult the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the United States Department of State for further information on various countries, contact information, and each country’s requirements.

Can I Use UAE Driving License In Europe

 Beware About Scams:

Travelers looking for International Driver’s Permits should be wary of potential frauds and stores offering them at exorbitant fees. Read our article “International Driver Permit Scams” for more information on the underground world of illicit IDP sales. Essentially, don’t fall for websites that sell an International Driver’s License, licenses, or certificates to people who don’t have permission or have canceled state licenses—these are all hoaxes.

Not only will you squander your money on these invalid papers, but you may find yourself in legal trouble if you find an illegal IDP., so always make sure you’re dealing with the only two licensed IDP issuers: AAA and AATA.

Can You Transfer Your UAE License to Europe?

No. Driving licenses are not transferable from country to country, province to province, state to state, etc.

Once you have established residency in a US state, you can apply for a driving license within that state.