How Can Oman Driving License Be Used In UAE?

Can Oman Driving License Be Used In UAE

Can Oman Driving License Be Used In UAE? You are permitted to drive for up to three months in the UAE if you hold a current Omani driver’s license. The next step is to get a driver’s license for the UAE. The procedure may be completed online and is relatively straightforward. You must pass a vision exam and provide copies of your residence visa, passport, and Omani driver’s license. 

As long as they possess passports from those nations, Kuwait, Oman, and Turkey, drivers can drive vehicles in Dubai with a current license. The Oman International License is acceptable in all countries except Japan and Austria. Driving in other countries is permitted with an Oman Driving Permit (IDP).

How can I change my Omani driver’s license to a foreign one? You may obtain your international license there if you visit the Oman Automobile Association in Seeb, next to the former airport. UAE Residence with passport licensed to driving permit in Dubai. To take the theoretical and practical examinations in Oman, you must be an Omani citizen.

Can Oman Driving License Be Used In UAE

Can Oman Driving License Be Used In UAE:

Driving with a valid driving license from a recognized nation may allow you to use your standard license for up to a week. You can change your existing license to a Qatari one if you don’t receive the necessary permit within a week after acquiring it.

NRIs and foreigners are not allowed to drive on Indian roadways while possessing a home or departing country license. The maximum validity of an international driver’s license in India is one year. However, there are restrictions.

Except for the countries of Austria and Japan, you may drive everywhere in the world with an international driving license issued in Oman.

Bring the completed driving license application to the Royal Oman Police (ROP). Obtain a passport, present two pictures, meet the blood group form, undergo a vision exam, and provide additional documentation to the closest ROP Directorate of Licensing and Vehicle Registration (located in Qurun or Seeb).

Most nations allow IDPs to renew beyond their initial one-year validity term. An IDP can convert a driver’s license from another country into several other languages. The driver’s license must be valid from another nation. Also, look at can you exchange UAE driving license in Uk.

Can I convert my Oman driving license in UAE?

A specific piece of paper that you must have with you when driving is your driver’s license. Additionally, translating driver’s licenses in Dubai is a crucial task. That must carry it out expertly and precisely. When performing a legal translation of a driving license, you will require an English translation for an Oman driving license when performing a legal translation of driving license. Verifying that the driving license translation procedure may follow correctly is crucial. ASTS-DMCC, a legal translation company, is who you should hire for your driving license. At our Legal Translation office, we offer official license changeover services.

Additionally, we guarantee a flawless Legal Translation office for a driver’s license. The translation of a driving license into an Emirates license is identical.

Similar to this, a driver’s license that is 21 years of age or older has a 2-year validity period. If you are under 21, your validity will only last a year.

Documents Requirement:

First off, assuming your Oman driving license is still in good standing, you will need the following documents to obtain your UAE driving license.

  • Airline ID
  • Authentic and photocopies.
  • Eye Exam
  • medical examination
  • NOC
  • Driving License Legal English Translation from a Certified Legal Translation Company in Dubai


Similar to that, the conversion for your driver’s license fee is as follows:

  • 200AED New File
  • 600AED License Issued
  • 50AED Handbook Manual
  • Fee for Innovation: 20 AED

How to Apply:

Get an eye exam at a hospital or facility that the Dubai Health Authority has certified.

  • Visiting the RTA Customer Center.
  • Complete the application.
  • Await RTA verification of the application.
  • a new document with your data.
  • pay the charge as well.
  • furthermore, keep an eye out for RTA photography.
  • You will receive your driving license shortly.

Can I use my UAE driving license in Oman?

Public transportation in Oman may not be as regular or efficient as some visitors are accustomed to (particularly for medium to long distances). As a result, many visitors believe that driving is the most excellent method to move around in Oman. Exploring Oman by automobile provides excellent flexibility and convenience, as well as an adventure that will give tourists lots of memories to take back home.

This website contains a comprehensive reference on driving in Oman for foreigners, including Oman driving rules to remember, required paperwork, and tips for driving in Muscat and the rest of the country.

Tourists Can Drive In Oman?

Tourists are permitted to drive in Oman. It is also permissible for nationals of other nations to rent a car in Oman. It is up to the rental provider if you may take the automobile to another nation. Driving to the UAE is usually more likely to be permitted than driving to Saudi Arabia or Yemen.

Age Limit To Drive In Oman:

Most rental firms in Oman only accept drivers above the age of 25. Some Omani automobile rental agencies enable persons between the ages of 21 and 24 to borrow a vehicle. However, they frequently impose a significant extra payment in the event of an accident.


It is recommend that foreigners acquire insurance to prevent problems and high prices. It is also crucial to estimate that if non-Omani people stop on the road, the police may request a current visa for Oman. Tourists can drive in Oman with a foreign driver’s license for up to three months. The list of authorized foreign driving licenses in Oman includes any document written in Roman or Arabic. If the document is written in a language other than Roman or Arabic, obtaining an international driving license for Oman before visiting is best.

Oman License Valid In Other States:

If a tourist needs to extend their stay beyond three months and intends to continue driving in Oman, they can apply for an international driving license in Oman. This is applicable both in Oman and in other nations throughout the world.

You can get a foreign driving license in Oman by contacting the Oman Automobile Association. Non-Omani nationals must meet the following requirements to apply:


  • A valid international driver’s license
  • Two passport-style pictures
  •  valid passport or another ID document

An international driving license granted by Oman may be used to drive in any country, except for Austria and Japan.

Oman Driving Rules:

Before getting behind the wheel, tourists in Oman should become acquainted with the local traffic restrictions. The following is a list of Oman driving rules:

  • Vehicles must operate on the right side of the road.
  • The ISO (European) system uses street signs, and the numbers are in dual form, with Arabic numbers at the top.
  • You should always follow speed instructions, and Oman speed cameras and bumps ensure they are. 
  • The speed restrictions are as follows: 120km/h on highways, 90km/h on open roads, and 40km/h to 80km/h in urban areas.
  • Maintain your composure. Driver and pedestrian insults and vulgar gestures will not be permitted.
  • It is traditional to honk before a bend on curvy mountain roads.
  • Drivers in traffic circles should surrender to those already in the circle.

You should also be aware that dedicated lanes are frequently present at traffic light crossings, allowing you to turn right even while the light is red.

Can Oman Driving License Be Used In UAE

Is there punishment for breaking the traffic rules?

There may be penalties for violating various Oman driving restrictions, such as fines and jail time. It is extremely crucial to remember:

  • Running a red light is punished by penalties and a one-night prison sentence.
  • Minors under the age of four must travel in a child car seat.
  • In Oman, it is unlawful to use a cell phone while driving.

You should also be aware that Oman has harsh alcohol-related driving laws. In the event of drunk driving, the local authorities have a zero-tolerance stance.

Is It Safe Driving In Oman?

Yes, driving in Oman is usually regarded as safe. Oman is a highly safe country with low crime rates, particularly against foreigners. Omani roads are generally contemporary and in good shape. Tourists might consider hiring a 4×4 if they intend to visit rural, hilly, or desert locations. Compared to other nations in the area, traffic is typically light and manageable, with few delays.

It may, however, get fierce in Muscat, particularly in the Mutrah Souk. Nonetheless, driving in Muscat is less dangerous than in more rural regions of Oman.

Foreigners should be warned that heavy rains might cause floods during the monsoon season animals such as camels and goats can discover crossing the road unexpectedly far from major metropolitan areas. Thus travelers should be cautious at all times.

The majority of Omani motorways and freeways are long and straight. It is easy to lose attention and feel exhausted. Therefore it is essential to take regular breaks to relax and stretch the legs and carry good drinks and food. In an accident, travelers should exit their vehicle and dial 999, the local police phone number, and an emergency number.