A complete Guide On How Can You Exchange UAE Driving License In UK?

Driving License In UAE Cost

To see If can you exchange UAE driving license in UK? Read the complete guide below. Drivers who pass their exams in the UAE can now swap their licenses for one issued in the United Kingdom. New laws eliminate the need for motorists to retake their driving tests if they relocate to the United Kingdom. The order, which took effect in May 2020, resulted from an investigation and public consultation conducted by the UK’s (DVLA).

Previously, a UAE licensee could use it in the UK for a year before completing a British theory test. Based on a person’s driving abilities, the process can sometimes cost £1,000 or $1,400. It costs £43 to exchange an Emirati license for a British one.

British authorities stated that the quality of education and examinations was rigorous enough to compete with the UK. “Testing requirements for the designated vehicle categories are identical.” Hence, there is no point in forcing the driver to repeat a test to obtain a GB license. You can also read about: Can I use a UAE driving license in USA?

Can You Exchange UAE Driving License In UK

Does UK Accept UAE Driving License?

The Driver and Vehicle Norms Agency has approved standards for automobiles in North Macedonia, Taiwan, and Ukraine, as well as cars and light motorbikes not exceeding 125cc in the UAE.”

Regardless of the shift, Emiratis and UAE residents may encounter one big challenge: the great majority of UAE licenses are for automatic vehicles, whilst the vast majority of UK automobiles are manual. 

A driver with an automatic license would have to obtain an automatic automobile, which has progressively gained popularity, or take a few lessons and retake the DVLA exam. Isabel Cadbury, a 41-year-old British mother of two, has been a resident of Dubai for 13 years.

She was learning to drive and passed her test in Dubai and is concerned that she will have to retrain if she returns to the UK. “This is fantastic news. I was concerned that after driving in the Middle East for so long, I would not pass my driving exam in the UK,” she stated.

She failed many examinations in the UK and opted to learn in Dubai only after moving from a building near the Metro line to a suburban property. “The experience of learning to drive in central London was more stressful than the experience of learning to drive in Al Quoz,” she said.

How Much A Driving License Cost?

A driving course package in Dubai costs around Dh5,000 ($1,360), which includes 20 hours of instruction, theoretical exam material, and fees for both theory and practical training. 

According to Emirates Driving Institute, the pass rate is at 45 percent, which is comparable to the UK average. Maria Alfarhan’s daughter, a British expat, is about to go to university in the UK in September.

She would’ve had to learn how to drive there, but now she can spend her summer learning in Dubai. “This is fantastic news. Our daughter may now spend her time till she departs in September to attempt to acquire her license here rather than in the UK, “Ms. Alfarhan explained.

Can I Use UAE Driving License In UK?

The United Kingdom, through the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, will now recognize and exchange UAE driving licenses for British driving licenses for light cars and motorbikes. As a result, the UAE is the only Arab country in which driving licenses are recognized and exchanged by the United Kingdom. 

This is part of the UAE and UK’s ongoing efforts to deepen international collaboration and strengthen bilateral relations that reflect the two nations’ strategic partnership. This decision by UK authorities is the outcome of UAE diplomatic efforts and acknowledges the UAE’s implementation of internationally recognized driving test standards.

Holders with UAE driving licenses arriving for non-residency purposes are now permitted to drive automobiles on UK territory, according to a judgment that went into force on May 20, 2021. Motorists arriving for the purpose of residence will be permitted to drive automobiles on UK territory without having to take a driving test. 

In both circumstances, the driving license must be legitimate and fulfill the rules and processes established by the United Kingdom’s responsible authorities. It’s worth mentioning that the UAE permits British people possessing British driving licenses to exchange them for UAE driving licenses without having to take any theoretical or road test.

Ukrainian Driving License In UAE:

As of October 1, the agreement between the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the United Arab Emirates on reciprocal recognition of national driving licenses and the exchange of national driving licenses entered into force. Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry website reported that on February 14.

Every Ukrainian person who moves to the UAE will be able to convert their national driver’s license into the UAE’s conformance via a streamlined approach, eliminating the need to retake the theoretical and practical tests. This is only applicable to groups A and B. 

Furthermore, according to the agreements made, Ukrainian people temporarily residing in the UAE can drive a car with their national driver’s license without the need for an extra international license, according to the message. UAE residents who stay or reside in Ukraine will face similar conditions.

According to the message, the international agreement is the outcome of nearly three years of well-coordinated effort by professionals from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ukrainian Embassy in the UAE.

Is UK Driving License Valid In Dubai?

Technically, you are willing to have an international driving license. However, most rental businesses do not require them, though I believe Hertz has in the past. Your best option is to stroll into one of the many vehicle rental companies peppered about Dubai. Don’t mention the international driving license, and ask whether you can lease a car with your UK license. 

If a car on rent and involve in an accident, authorities will need rental paperwork and your UK license.

Can I Convert My UAE Driving License In UK?

Obtaining a UAE driving license for UK license holders in the UAE is a reasonably straightforward process. There are no road exams, driving lessons, or knowledge examinations required; simply apply for a license conversion in the UAE. This article will you through the process of converting your UK driving license to a UAE license.

Documents Need To Covert Uk Driving License In UAE:

The following papers require for UK license conversion in the UAE for nationals and residents:

  • Authentic British driver’s license
  • Your company’s No-Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Emirates ID must be valid and authentic.
  • Electronic eye examination
  • Translation of a foreign driver’s license into Arabic (if required)

Optimal Test:

The electronic eye exam and post-test optician certificate must be validate by the medical authorities of the relevant emirate. You can go to an eye doctor, who may offer the treatment for free or at a low cost. RTA-approved eye exam centers in Dubai include Barakat Optical, Rivoli EyeZone, and Grand Optics. Some service centers, particularly in Dubai, provide on-site opticians to expedite the license changeover procedure.

Can You Convert UAE Driving License In UK?

Can You Exchange UAE Driving License In UK

The process of converting a UK driving license to a UAE driving license is straightforward. You merely need to acquire the necessary paperwork and go to the emirate’s official traffic authority. Those who want to convert their British driving license in Dubai must go to an RTA office.

Customer satisfaction centers in Umm Ramool, Al Manarah, Al Twar, Deira, Al Barsha, and Al Kifaf handle such conversion operations.

To convert their UK driving license to a UAE driving license. British drivers in Abu Dhabi must go to the Drivers’ Legal Department in Mushrif.

After you submit the paperwork, your British driving license is authenticated. A customer file is established in your name, and the British driving license conversion payments are due. It just takes one visit to an RTA facility in Dubai to obtain a valid Dubai driving license. It takes a week in Abu Dhabi to convert a UK driving license to a UAE one.

Uk Driving License Convert Fees:

In the UAE, the price for transferring a license is usually less than AED 1,000. It may differ from one emirate to the next. In Dubai, the pricing structure for converting a UK driving license to a UAE driving license includes:

  • AED 200 for file opening
  • AED 600 for license issuance.
  • AED 50 for the handbook.
  • Fees for knowledge and innovation start at AED 20.

Moreover, transferring your UK license to Dubai will cost you AED 870. These prices will differ somewhat in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other emirates.


Is UAE Driving Licence Valid In UK?

Now, UAE drivers can drive on the territory of the United Kingdom if they are visiting for non-residency purposes.

Can UAE Driving License Be Exchanged In UK?

Vehicles and motorcycles in the UAE can now be registered in the UK, represented by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Can You Drive In The UAE With A UK License?

The UAE traffic department will issue you a UAE driving license once your residence permit is approved. After that, you can use your UK driving license until your residence permit is approved.