Coronavirus Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, & Vaccine Status

Corona virus, symptoms, prevention, caution

Coronavirus, Symptoms, Preventions, Caution

The disease that is being mentioned everywhere nowadays is the Chinese Karuna virus, named (2019-nCoV), which means the unique Karuna virus coming in 2019.

Corona Virus Facts:

How the Coronavirus works:

  • The coronavirus enters through the nose or mouth.
  • Coronavirus finds and “host cell” in the respiratory system.
  • The affected host cell bursts, resulting in infection to other cells nearby.
How the coronavirus works
How the coronavirus works

Coronavirus Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, & Vaccine Status


  1. High temperature
  2. Cough
  3. Runny nose
  4. Sore throat

How Corona Virus Spreads:

symptoms of corona virus infaction
symptoms of coronavirus infection

The Novel Coronavirus spread from an animal, and it is thought to be a SNAKE, from South China Seafood Wholesale Market.

The Coronavirus is spread between humans by coughing, touching, sneezing, and shaking hands.

How Coronavirus kills:

How Coronavirus kills
How Coronavirus kills

Most patients die from complications, including pneumonia and swelling in the lungs.

The Coronavirus causes swelling in the respiratory system, which makes it hard for the lungs to pass the oxygen into the bloodstream, leading to organ failure and death.

Swear pneumonia can kill people by causing them to “drown” in the fluid flooding through the lungs.

Possible methods of protection from new Coronavirus:

  1. Maintain good hygiene habits in general
  2. Use masks and avoid contact with patients and their personal belongings.
  3. Always wash hands with soap and clean them with hand sanitizer. Especially after coughing, using the toilet, or sneezing. Wash hands before preparing or handling food.
  4. Avoid direct contact with the nose, mouth, and eyes as much as you can.
  5. Wear masks in crowded areas especially during Hajj and Umrah
  6. Cover both nose and mouth with tissues while sneezing or coughing and dispose of carefully. Don’t use your hands to cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing, instead use the upper part of your arm.
  7. Before eating, wash fruits and vegetables carefully.

Prevention of CoronaVirus:

Unfortunately, there is no vaccine yet to protect you from human coronavirus infection.

Prevention of CoronaVirus
Prevention of CoronaVirus

Hense you can reduce the outspread by;

  • Avoiding direct contact with the infected people
  • Periodically washing hands with soap and water
  • Avoiding direct contact with nose, eyes, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Keep yourself hydrated if you are feeling mildly sick, take rest, and stay at home.
  • See your healthcare specialist if you are concerned about your symptoms.

The virus or virus has infected 2700 people and has killed at least 2000 people. Corona is a bacterium that is found in animals or birds but also transmits disease from animals to humans. When a virus or germ spreads rapidly, this situation is called an outbreak. W first outbreak of the Coronavirus, but rather the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Swear Acute Respiratory Syndrome. The two diseases that have been the focus of news in the last two decades are also types of viruses. Not only has a small germ alerted the entire world, but many cities are inundated, the movement of some 6 million people in China has been limited. Strict measures are being taken to prevent a single virus from spreading that trains, roads, and flights to China have been closed.

Coronavirus Facts
Coronavirus Facts

The question is, what does this virus do? It affects your lungs and causes symptoms such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Signs can be seen within 2 to 14 days after the virus goes into your body, and this is a significant challenge in preventing the spread of the virus. You feel that you are all right, but you are transmitting germs to other people.

Usually, from one person to another, the virus is transmitted by cough or sneezing or from small particles of water. There is no specific treatment, only the symptoms are tried, and our body’s immune system eliminates it over time, but in 25% of cases, the patient becomes cirrhosis, especially the elderly. This can be fatal for individuals or those already suffering from an illness. The vaccine process has also begun, but a successful vaccine can take up to a year. Since it is a new virus that has never been introduced to humans, so much turmoil has taken place, and efforts are being made to control its spread as soon as possible.

An essential thing for all of us right now is to follow up on safety measures. You may be surprised, but there is no need to do anything special to protect yourself from this virus. Only by taking necessary precautions can we protect ourselves and our families from it. The first and most important task is to wash hands periodically, with soap and for at least 20 seconds. Especially before eyes, nose, and mouth or hands should be washed close to these places, stay away from those infected with the virus, use a face mask when going out, and hands after touching high-touch public places. Wash. If you experience any illness, consult your doctor right away.

As the Prime Minister’s Health Advisor in Pakistan, Dr. Zafar Mirza, said that there was no facility to test the virus, it was suspected that at least 5 patients had fallen prey to the virus. According to Chinese experts, every person who has the virus transmits the virus to two to three people. That is why we need to be as careful as possible. The passenger screening that is currently underway is insufficient in my view, as the virus can remain active for 14 days in any person without any signs of illness. In the meantime, the person can transmit the virus to other people.

More surprisingly, such incidents are a frequent indicator of our depleted health system. Whenever an illness spreads, most people lose their lives because of our deficiencies and inadequate health. According to statistics, 40 to 50% of medicines in Pakistan are poor and non-standard. The government should make every effort to prevent Corona from spreading in Pakistan, or else it will not be able to control it if it is covered.

China has set up a 1000-bed hospital in six days, and 5,000 more beds will be managed in the affected areas this month. The Chinese government has deployed thousands of medical staff within a week, are we able to do so? As the world population, in particular, is growing in Pakistan, hygiene and hygiene are becoming indispensable to us, and the virus is an excellent warning to us. The virus originated in China, but if it had originated with us, then we would have guessed where we stood at that time.


Coronavirus Live Stats

Mainland China
Hubei province (includes Wuhan)
Confirmed: 67,332 Serious: 6,232 Recovered: 38,556 Dead: 2,871
Guangdong province
Confirmed: 1,349 Serious: 17 Critical: 20 Dead: 7
Henan province
Confirmed: 1,272 Serious: 7 Critical: 4 Dead: 22
Zhejiang province
Confirmed: 1,205 Serious: 8 Critical: 8 Dead: 1
Hunan province
Confirmed: 1,018 Serious: 18 Dead: 4
Confirmed: 413 Dead: 8
Confirmed: 337 Serious: 9 Dead: 3
Other regions
Confirmed: 7,323 Serious: 100+ Dead: 65
Confirmed: 21 Dead: 0





Coronavirus Worldwide Stats

South Korea
Confirmed: 5,328 Serious: 34 Critical: 11 Recovered: 34 Dead: 33
Confirmed: 2,336 Recovered: 291 Dead: 77
Confirmed: 2,502 Serious: 140 Recovered: 160 Dead: 79
Diamond Princess
Confirmed: 706 Serious: 36 Recovered: 10 Dead: 6
Confirmed: 293 Serious: 23 Recovered: 43 Dead: 6
Confirmed: 212 Serious: 8 Recovered: 12 Dead: 4
Confirmed: 203 Critical: 2 Recovered: 16 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 151 Critical: 5 Recovered: 2 Dead: 1
Confirmed: 110 Critical: 7 Recovered: 78 Dead: 0
United States
Confirmed: 113 Serious: 2 Critical: 5 Recovered: 9 Dead: 9
Hong Kong
Confirmed: 101 Serious: 2 Critical: 4 Recovered: 36 Dead: 2
Confirmed: 56 Serious: 0 Critical: 0 Recovered: 0 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 49 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 43 Serious: 1 Recovered: 30 Dead: 1
Confirmed: 41 Recovered: 12 Dead: 1
United Kingdom
Confirmed: 51 Recovered: 8 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 37 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 34 Recovered: 21 Dead: 1
Confirmed: 33 Recovered: 3 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 30 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 36 Recovered: 22 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 31 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 33 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 21 Serious: 2 Recovered: 5 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 24 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 23 Critical: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 16 Recovered: 16 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 14 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 13 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 12 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 10 Recovered: 6 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 13 Recovered: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 8 Dead: 0
San Marino
Confirmed: 8 Serious: 1 Dead: 1
Confirmed: 7 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 7 Recovered: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 7 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 7 Critical: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 12 Recovered: 2 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 5 Recovered: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 5 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 5 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 5 Recovered: 3 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 10 Dead: 0
Czech Republic
Confirmed: 5 Serious: 0 Critical: 0 Recovered: 0 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 3 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 3 Recovered: 2 Dead: 1
Confirmed: 3 Recovered: 2 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 3 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 4 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 2 Recovered: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 2 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 2 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 2 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 2 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Recovered: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Recovered: 1 Dead: 0
Sri Lanka
Confirmed: 1 Recovered: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
North Macedonia
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
New Zealand
Confirmed: 2 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Saudi Arabia
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Dominican Republic
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0
Confirmed: 1 Dead: 0