COVID-19: All UAE federal government employees must return to work from May 16

Dubai: All federal government employees will have to report to work in person from May 16, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources announced on Monday.

The Authority, in coordination with the Cabinet General Secretariat and the Ministry of Health, issued a circular on Monday regarding the organisation of government work in federal entities.

As per the circular, all previous exceptions granted to employees, including their exclusion from returning to workplaces, due to emergency conditions and the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, stands cancelled as of Sunday, May 16, 2021.

For female employees who oversee their children’s distance education, the exception will continue until the end of the current academic year, the circular stated, according to Barq.

Non-vaccinated employees must commit to conducting a nasal swab examination (PCR) every week at the employee’s own expense. In the event that the employee has a medical report approved by the medical committee excluding him from taking the vaccine, then the weekly PCR test will be at the employer’s expense, the circular said.

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