Dh500 fine for parking on the hard shoulder, roadside in the absence of an emergency in Abu Dhabi


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Abu Dhabi: Motorists found parking on the hard shoulder in the absence of an emergency or breakdown will be fined Dh500, the Abu Dhabi Police has warned.

In a statement, the Police said it had found a number of motorists, including bus and truck drivers, who had stopped their vehicles by the roadside to pray, and explained that the practice can pose threats to the motorists and other road users. The improperly parked vehicle can block traffic flow, especially on highways during peak hours.

The Police Traffic and Patrol Directorate has therefore urged motorists, including drivers of heavy vehicles, to perform their prayers at mosques and nearby prayer facilities. Violators who stop vehicles in non-designated areas like intersections or the hard shoulder, will be penalised with a Dh500 fine.

Do not leave engine running

Earlier this month, the Police also urged motorists not to leave their engines running when stepping away from their vehicles because this can earn a Dh500 fine. Motorists often fail to turn off their engine and lock up when they use ATM services, fuel up or step into a store, and this failure has been known to lead to car theft, the authorities warned.


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