Does Zee5 Work in UAE


ZEE5 Global has partnered with Emax Electronics to offer consumers a free subscription. The initiative is just in time for Emax to celebrate its 15th anniversary in the UAE.

ZEE5 does have a version for the UAE. So if you’re looking to use your ZEE5 subscription in another country, you’ll need to purchase a ZEE5 subscription in that country. ZEE5 doesn’t currently offer subscriptions outside India.

Is Zee5 Available in UAE?

Yes, Zee5 is available in the United Arab emirates.

The strategic alliance comes in just as Emax completes 15 years in the UAE. The Indian OTT platform has a content library of more than 125,000 hours comprising of Indian TV shows, movies, news, and videos

Zee5 is a video streaming platform for entertainment and information. Launched in 2012, Zee5 is a multi-channel system connecting multiple online media outlets. The Zee5 platform features a shopping tier to feature a huge collection of films, music, news, and interactive videos. A second tier is only accessible through a social media platform. Zee5’s revenue model is based on advertising, the majority of which is generated through Youtube, Facebook, and Google Ads. The third tier is based on a pay-per-view system that allows users to pay to watch movies and content

How Can I Watch Zee5 in UAE?

You can download the ZEE5 app from Google Play Store and iOS App Store, on Roku devices, Samsung Smart TVs, Apple TVs, Android TVs, and Amazon Fire Stick. ZEE5 is also available on

How Much is ZEE5 in UAE?

You can avail of this Zee5 subscription offer in UAE. Zee5 offers a number of subscription packs ranging from a one-month, a three-month, and a twelve-month plan. All of their plans come with a subscription fee of Dh1.49, Dh5.99, Dh18.99, and Dh149.99 respectively. In order to ensure that you’re getting value for money, it’s important to keep the cost of these plans reasonably low. If you’re taking a three-month plan, you could be getting a good value for money. It’s important to remember that a subscription plan goes a long way

Is There Any Offer for ZEE5 Subscription?

Yes, there is an offer for a ZEE5 subscription. you can use a Flipkart priority access pass to get a free 1-month ZEE5 Premium subscription.

How Can I Get a ZEE5 1 Month Subscription?

follow the below steps to avail of the ZEE5 1 month free premium subscription offer.

  • Visit the Flipkart website.
  • Click on the Flipkart Rewards section.
  • Click on the ZEE5 subscription plan.
  • Redeem your 50 Supercoins balance and get a prepaid code.
  • Visit the ZEE5 subscription page and enter the prepaid code in the Have a code? section.
  • Click APPLY and complete the process.
  • You can now enjoy blockbuster ZEE5 Premium content!

Many people pay for a ZEE5 subscription on their own, but there are some places that are easier to get it. For example, you can use amazon to get it, but you can also use ZEE5 on your phone or on your computer. You can also buy ZEE5 on your computer, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your computer on.

Can We See ZEE5 in UAE?

Yes, when you purchase a ZEE5 subscription it is possible to view ZEE5 in UAE. You can also buy a 5 or 10-day trial subscription to ZEE5 in UAE.

Below is the video to show you how you can watch Zee5 outside India