How To Get Driving License Abu Dhabi-Guide

Driving License In UAE Cost

Have you been looking for ‘driving license Abu Dhabi processes’ on the internet? Don’t worry; we’ve gathered all the information you need right here! Obtaining an Abu Dhabi driver’s license is a significant achievement. If you live in Abu Dhabi, having a license makes life much easier because you don’t always have to rely on public transit for your trip. We’ve covered you if you’re searching for a step-by-step guide to acquiring a driver’s license in Abu Dhabi.

Most individuals wish to receive their Abu Dhabi driving license as soon as they reach 18. Having a driver’s license not only makes life easier but may also help your professional profile, especially if you’re seeking opportunities in sales.

Thus, it is not always a simple task. Many people from diverse nations come to work in the UAE. It is critical to comprehend the entire process before obtaining your Abu Dhabi driving license without incident. This Abu Dhabi driving license guide will walk you through getting your Abu Dhabi driving license.

driving license in abu dhabi

Driving License Process In Abu Dhabi-Guide:

This article covers the intricacies of the Abu Dhabi driving license system to help you make an educated decision, from the legal driving age to the number of tests required. You can also look for how to get driving license easily in UAE.

Apply For Driving License In Abu Dhabi:

Those who are medically healthy and of legal driving age can apply for a new driving license in Abu Dhabi. The legal driving age in Abu Dhabi varies depending on the vehicle. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Bikes and vehicles for particular wants people: 17 years
  • 18 years for cars and light trucks
  • 20 years of heavy trucks and tractors
  • Buses are 21 years old.

Driving License Application Abu Dhabi:

  • First-time Emirati candidates and expat applicants
  • Expats who hold a foreign driving license.
  • You must choose which category you belong in, as the method for each might differ.

Documents For Driving License Abu Dhabi:

  • Passport photocopy and original Passport photocopy Emirates ID
  • Original and photocopy of a foreign driver’s license
  • a photocopy of a valid Abu Dhabi residence visa
  • a letter of authorization from your employer or visa sponsor
  • Foreign driving license Arabic translation

When presenting a copy of your resident visa, ensure it is valid for at least six months. 

Driving License Office Abu Dhabi:

EDC is Abu Dhabi’s first accredited driving school and road safety institute. It is a government-owned public entity in Abu Dhabi. EDC offers a team of qualified trainers that provide training in all categories, including light vehicles, motorcycles, heavy vehicles, and heavy buses. 

They run campuses in Mussafah in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The address is 17 Mussafah Industrial Estate Street, Abu Dhabi, and the phone number is +971-6-0058-8880.

Local candidates need to provide their Emirates ID. Foreign residents in Abu Dhabi, on the other hand, must produce the following documents:

  • Emirates Identification (copy and original)
  • Visa page in passport (copy)
  • Photos in passport size (at least 8)
  • Your vision test results
  • Your sponsor’s No Objection Certificate (NOC)

Following the theoretical test, candidates must thoroughly prepare for the practical session, which includes simulators and other valuable teachings. The parking test is the first test following the academic exam. Following that, you must pass a driving test. The number of sessions required determines how much effort is needed to achieve the target level. 

All lessons are held in a driving rink, which is meant to be safe for inexperienced drivers. The cost might range from AED 650 to 2250 depending on the number of sessions necessary. It usually takes 30 hours for beginners. Those with prior driving expertise can complete the course in 10 to 20 hours.

When the teacher asks you are ready for the test, they will provide you with a “certificate of preparation.” You must have the certificate to apply for the Road or Practical Test.

The Practical Test:

driving license in abu dhabi

The practical exam is the most challenging aspect of obtaining your Abu Dhabi license. You will have 10 to 12 minutes to demonstrate your driving abilities to the examiner. The examiner will immediately notify you of the outcome. If you fail, you must complete an additional 7 hours of instruction. 

If you pass, you will be delivered an approval paper, which you must present to the Pass Counter with your ID and the Abu Dhabi Licence cost. Take your picture in the photo area, and voila! You will get your Abu Dhabi driving license in the following fifteen minutes.

Documentation For Practical Test:

The test will be scheduled for a specific time and date. Please deliver the following papers on time.

  • Emirates ID that is relevant
  • Driving Record
  • Two passport-sized photos

Essential Tips for the Practical Test:

  • Get yourself dressed well.
  • Wearing sunglasses is not permitted since examiners will watch your eye movements while driving.
  • Don’t waste time talking to the examiner.
  • Follow the directions.
  • Before you begin, adjust your seat, mirrors, and seat belt.
  • Before you start, check the handbrake and gear.
  • Drive slowly and within the speed limit.
  • Follow the signs.
  • Stay in a safe gap between your car and the vehicle is against you.
  • Before changing lanes, check your side and rearview mirrors.
  • Use the indication.
  • Apply the brakes only in an emergency.
  • When told, park the automobile to the side.

What Is The Renewal Process For A Driving License In ABU DHABI?

The UAE driving license must be renewed regularly. The renewal term for UAE and GCC citizens is every ten years. Other international expats must renew their licenses every five years. This is simple to accomplish online in most emirates, including Abu Dhabi. Remember to pay up all outstanding traffic penalties to renew your license. If you fail to continue within the grace period of one month, you will be fined AED 10 per month.

Moreover, residents cannot drive with a foreign driver’s license. You can, however, drive on your foreign driving license if you are traveling for a brief time.