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Dubai-based man threatens to kill his boss after losing job over criminal charges

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Dubai: A Dubai-based manager of a company has been accused of threatening to kill his boss, an investor, with the help of militia members in Lebanon.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard that the 45-year-old Lebanese defendant had issued death threats to his employer after he was dismissed from his job with a Dubai-based company in 2018 over charges of financial fraud and claims that he had helped wanted people flee the UAE.

The 40-year-old Lebanese investor testified that the defendant had worked for his company as a marketing manager for three years before being sacked after it was discovered that he had assisted some people to escape to Oman from the UAE.

“The police report accused him of smuggling people outside the country. He assisted some people wanted in cases of financial crimes,” said the Lebanese investor on record.

Later, the investor also discovered that the defendant had been stealing money from the company. “A group of nine clients came to the office and asked about the money they had given to the accused for services that were never delivered. He had scammed our clients,” the investor said.

The defendant refused to return the money and threatened to kill the investor.

He called the investor’s Emirati sponsor and threatened to kill the victim when he returned to Lebanon, claiming that he had ties with the Lebanese militia.

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“I told the victim to be careful after he issued the threats,” said the 65-year-old Emirati sponsor.

Dubai Public Prosecution has charged the defendant with issuing threats.

The next hearing has been scheduled for April 12.

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