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Dubai Customs foil bid to smuggle fake ‘Vaseline’ worth Dh400,000

Dubai: Dubai Customs’ Intelligence Department thwarted an attempt to smuggle in a shipment comprising 17,280 packs of counterfeit petroleum jelly ‘Vaseline’, with a street value of Dh400,000.

The operation was carried out with the help of the inspectors of Air Cargo Center Management and in coordination with the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Department.

Early-stage detection

Shuaib Al Suwaidi, Director of the Intelligence Department, said: “We enhanced our potential in fighting all types of commercial fraud or smuggling of counterfeit and prohibited goods by using the latest and most advanced technologies and through regular updating of our smart risk engine. Thanks to our advanced risk engine and the high skills and experience of our employees, we can work proactively and detect any risk at a very early stage, even before reaching the emirate’s ports.”


Yousef Ozair Mubarak, Director of IPR Department, said: “Counterfeit goods cause great harm to society and the economy. We received information about a shipment of counterfeit petroleum jelly ‘Vaseline’ coming from an Asian country, and with the help and coordination with the Intelligence Department, we set a plan to seize it. We cooperate with the Brand Owners’ Protection Group to fight these counterfeit goods and protect the rights of trademarks and engage trademark owners in workshops to educate our inspectors with the latest methods of detecting and distinguishing fake products.”

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Risks of fake goods

Saleh Alshamsi, Director of Air Cargo Center Management, said: “We cooperate with all other departments to intercept, detect and seize counterfeit goods, which is part of our vision at Dubai Customs to protect the society and the intellectual property rights from the hazards of counterfeiting.”

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