Dubai electric car owners get free Salik tag, reserved parking

Dubai: Owners of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Dubai get access to free parking slots and now a free Salik (road toll) tag, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) tweeted on Sunday.

EV owners get free parking (up to four hours at a time) in parking slots reserved for EVs, which are marked and painted green, in “vital areas” of Dubai. EVs will be automatically exempted from parking fees, RTA said.

This incentive is valid for two years starting from July 1, 2020, for Dubai-licensed EVs only.

Free Salik tag

Also, EV owners can now receive a free Salik tag when they register their car. The free tag can be received at all 13 Salik customer service centres in the UAE, when the EV registration card is shown.

The tag itself is free. However, the Salik fees will be charged when crossing the toll gates.

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