Dubai man steals baby camel to fulfil girlfriend's birthday gift wish

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Dubai: Dubai Police have arrested a man who stole a baby camel and gave it as a birthday present to his girlfriend.

Brigadier Abdullah Khadim, Director of Bur Dubai Police Station, said the camel owner called for his missing camel at a farm in Bur Dubai a few hours after it was born.

“We searched for the baby camel but it disappeared and we were unable to find any evidence. After a few days, a man called claiming that he found the camel in front of his farm. His story wasn’t logical as the the two farms were 3 km apart and the newborn camel wouldn’t have been able to walk this distance,” Brig Khadim said.

“There was a main road separating the two farms too.”

During interrogation, the thief admitted to stealing the expensive, rare breed camel to fulfil his girlfriend’s wish to have a camel on her birthday.

“The thief broke into the farm and found the newborn camel. He carried the camel and escaped. The pair didn’t know how to look after the camel and decided to create a fake story of finding the camel,” Brig Khadim added.

The newborn camel returned to his mother.

The thief and his girlfriend were referred to Dubai Public Prosecution.

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