Dubai Miracle Garden in UAE

Development, the best time to visit, Floral Clock, Lost Paradise, Emirates A380, Lake Park, Hearts Passage, and more about Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is a beautiful flower garden located in the district of Dubailand, Dubai, (UAE), on Valentine’s Day in 2013; the Dubai miracle garden was launched. This beautiful flower garden occupies over 72,000 square meters making this beautiful flower garden world’s largest natural flower garden featuring over 50 million flowers and 250 million plants. Dubai miracle garden was awarded the Moselle Award for New Garden Experiences of the year by the Garden Tourism Award 2015, In April 2015.

Development of Dubai miracle garden:

The Concept of the first Dubai miracle garden project was formed under the agreement between Dubailand and the Dubai Properties Group destination. This project development was done under the agreement with Akar Landscaping and Agricultural Company, led by Abdel Naser Rahhal Jordanian Businessman. The cost of the project development was estimated at AED 40 million (11 million US dollars), the project phase one was completed and opened in Feb 2013which is consisted of 21,000 sq ft. outdoor facility including horizontal and vertical design where each of them has its own design, this project development phase one look 2 months and four hundred workers required. On the other hand, phase two of this project was initiated in mid-June 2013, completed in October, where it involved the 70 percent expansion of the 21,000 sq ft and construction of 850,000 sq ft multistory car park, which is increasing the total area of this miracle garden to two million sq ft. the project development phase two also included the addition of the floral clock, butterfly garden, mosques, and retail stores.

Miracle Garden is the world’s largest natural flower garden with 150 million colorful flowers and plants are returning to delight visitors.

The garden’s breathtaking landscaping has earned two Guinness World Records for the largest vertical garden in 3013 and the world’s largest floral sculpture forming a shape of an Airbus A380 in 2016.

Best time to visit:

The garden opens during the winter months of the years, winters are the most pleasant and ideal weather for the floral blooms, in Dubai. So, you can visit just only during the wintry months of Dubai city. The miracle garden remains closed for the rest of the year. From the end of November to January is the peak season in Dubai, hence you can find there a lot of crowds.

Floral clock:

Floral Clock in Dubai Miracle Garden

15-metre floral clock made out of real and natural plants and flowers with beautiful designs that alter according to the season from the US, its mechanical parts of this clock were imported and its design was created by its own in-house landscaping company Miracle landscaping.

Floral castle:

There are numbers of the floral castle in different areas of the miracle garden, some of these floral castles are barely standalone castle s while others are interactive enough to allow visitor’s passage through them, on the other hand, the concept is beautifully displayed in the garden and people just simply admire these Floral Castle, it was first introduced at miracle Garden in Dubai in 2014. This year is the 2nd version of the Dubai Miracle Garden and in its 1st version, there was no such thing as Floral Castle. From 2014 till now there have been a lot of additions of new Floral Castles at the Miracle Garden of Dubai. In addition, the existing ones have been wonderfully upgraded to make them look more attractive as well as of 2017. There are at least 5 different versions of Floral Castles on display at the miracle garden, at Dubai Miracle garden each, and everything has its own unique and wonderful theme, and these garden visitors always find them very attractive.

Floral Castle has been adorned with these colorful petunia flowers, At the garden, almost all the Floral Castle are mostly Petunia flowers, verbena flowers have also been used within some parts of the castle as well. It is the common sighting among all sculptures and themes of the miracle garden of Dubai to have Petunia flowers, this flower has one of the longest lifecycles among the blossomed flowers. In addition, there are also available within a great variety of different colors. This color variation and options within petunia have allowed this garden to adorn the castle in a beautifully colorful way. Petunia colors that have been witnessed so far within these Floral Castles include red, white, blue, pink, and purple.

At the miracle garden of Dubai, the floral castle is huge in size (still not as big as the real castles still), their big size and height allow visitors to spot this floral castle even from a faraway location as well. The floral castles have a height of 15 to 45 feet high and their weight is also around 25 to 80 feet. These Floral Castles are big and huge and this type of structure requires solid support, at their core, all of the Floral Castles of the miracle garden of Dubai are supported by steel, is also spread throughout the entire structure of towers and the other parts of the Castles. The architecture of the Floral Castles of the miracle garden of Dubai has made useful spaces, so that flowers can be arranged easily, along with this steel.

Almost 90% of the Floral Castles of the miracle garden of Dubai are covered with flowers. However, Gates of the Floral Castles are made up the plain steel and most of them are white in color. As compared to men and children The Floral Castles are more popular among the female (women and girls) visitors.

Lost Paradise:

Lost Paradise in Dubai Miracle Garden

It is an underground floral cascade with a depth of 20 feet, where could find dozens of Floral Houses and Bungalows which offer the amazing ambiance at the miracle garden of Dubai.

Emirates A380:

Emirates A380 in Dubai Miracle Garden

Emirates A380, the most superlative installation of all in miracle garden, it has made it to the Guinness Book of the World Record as the largest floral installation in the world the botanical marvel is one of the most picturesque spots in the miracle garden and is made up of over the 500,000 fresh flowers and plants, it is the world’s largest passenger airliner with the characteristics of the double-deck jet airliner. The weight of emirates A380 is 100 tons, about 500,000 fresh flowers have been used to make it incredible structure moreover, seven different species of flowers are used to adorn the emirates airbus these species are: marigold, snapdragon, Petunia, Coleus, Viola, Geranium, and Gaillardia.

Lake Park:

Lake Park in Dubai Miracle Garden

The lake park transforms miracle garden of Dubai, it is a small lake in the center, and the place is full of beautiful colored flowers structures including the houses, fountain, flower boats, and etc. it is refreshing to watch as they fully showered with beautiful colored flowers and a water fountain that offers a real degree of relaxation for the visitors while sitting around the lake. Lakes all around the world are a common sighting within the garden but, the miracle garden of Dubai has integrated them in one of the most creative ways. Miracle garden of Dubai claims that whichever thing they touch, it turns into the flowers and the examples colorful and dozens of other floral themes logically support their claim.

Hearts Passage:

Hearts Passage in Dubai Miracle Garden

Hearts passage is the most popular attraction featured at the miracle garden of Dubai, in fact, it is one of the key stuff that comes to the visitors’ mind, after visiting Dubai’s miracle garden. it gives a lovely & everlasting impression at the walking passage, inside dozens of big hearts, hearts are not just merely a shape of hearts at the passage, but rather they offer thousands of countless flowers engraved all over them. The presence of these flowers and their aroma triggers an everlasting experience for the visitors of the Dubai miracle garden.  This passage has the most enriched history at the Dubai miracle garden, since the inception of the miracle garden of Dubai in 2013. It is still a fundamental part of the Dubai Miracle Garden. Of course, there have been small variations over the year within the hearts passage, but the overall theme has remained the same and it has always looked like a passage of hearts. The Miracle Garden was launched on the day of valentine’s on 14th Feb 2013, therefore, the relation of the hearts passage with Valentine’s Day.

Here is not a single hearts passage but rather here is a multiple hearts passage at the miracle garden of Dubai.

Some of them are straight and end up at some sculpture while other hearts passages are proper walking passages. For instance, there are curved hearts passages throughout the Dubai miracle garden. The maximum height of this heart passage is around 11 ft long from the ground while heart areas where the beautiful flowers are grown, the heart passage has a width of around 1 one-foot. Hundreds of flowers are grown within the one-foot width area of these hearts passage, an actual broad area where people can walk through this passage is around 10 ft broad. This heart passage is the most favorable background for visitors, photographers, and also for couples.

Butterfly passage:

The beautifully build an attractive butterfly passage with its colorful flowers and its shape, compels the visitors of the Dubai miracle garden several floral outlines of the butterfly wings just like frames are built, and in between them a special passage forms this overall fabulous theme of the butterfly passage, this theme tempts the visitors of the miracle garden of Dubai to walk through it and experience the wonders and joys associated with it. The butterfly passage, like the hearts passage, is made up of butterfly wings or frames over a walkway. The butterfly wings are adorned with beautifully colored flowers, making the passage extremely appealing.

Umbrella passage:

Umbrella Passage in Dubai Miracle Garden

It is also the part of floral themes of the Dubai miracle garden; it has a ceiling of the attached umbrella at the top. Flowers are also beautifully integrated below the colorful umbrellas, there is not a just single umbrella passage but, there are multiple umbrella passages in the miracle garden. The basic purpose of each umbrella passage is to provide shade to visitors to this garden. Dubai after all a desert and at times during the day temperature goes high, therefore, shades are definitely needed to compensate for the heat and the umbrella passage of this miracle garden serves the purpose of heat compensation of visitors.

Disney Avenue:

Disney Avenue in Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai miracle garden is one of the kinds of in the region and in the world for such a unique extravagant outdoor recreational destination.

The garden provides the state of the art services and facilities including open parking, VIP parking, prayer rooms sitting areas, ablution facilities, toilet blocks, first aid room, security room, carts for handicapped visitors retails and commercial kiosk, and all other related services available to facilitate visitors. It consists of our favorite Disney characters including Minnie House, Mickey House, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and etc.

Mickey Mouse:

Mickey Mouse, as the part of a new licensing deal between the miracle garden of Dubai and the Wait Disney Company, Dubai miracle garden conceived and designed the spectacular 18 meters high Mickey Mouse structure- Disney’s first character floral display in the Middle East –earning the 5th Guinness Records entitled world’s largest Topiary Structure in Feb 2018. 

The sculpture features almost 100,000 flowers and the plant’s weight almost 35 tons and is supported by a seven-ton steel structure with a concrete foundation of 50 tons of reinforced concrete.

Big Teddy Bear in Dubai Miracle Garden:

Big teddy bear, 12 meter high Teddy Bear structure which comprises thousands of plants and fresh flowers is one of the newest attractions in the miracle garden. This Teddy Bear is holding a beautiful flower’s heart which specially reveals that it is spreading the message of love and harmony.

Hill Top in the miracle garden:

Hill Top in Dubai Miracle Garden

A hill having vibrantly colorful flowers dazzles the visitors of the garden, the beautiful passage takes you to a rather deeply located area of the garden and upon reaching its floor you can watch colorful flowers from the bottom to the higher altitudes which make it a hill of beautiful colorful flowers, this gives an impression as if you have come at the valley of miracle garden of Dubai, where you are surrounded with flowers, plants, floral theme, and even trees at the very top and several coffee shops.

Cabanas of Dubai Miracle Garden:

After a long walk to taking a break inside the beautiful natural flower garden, cabanas are the sitting area in this garden to chill out with billowing drapes and beautiful floor cushions.

3D Floral Designs:

3D floral designs, these floral characters in the floral shapes are truly appealing to the fascination of the miracle garden of Dubai; their designs, colors, and their structure offer a real degree of excellence and craft for the garden and visitors. This garden has reinvigorated this concept by merging beautifully them with beautiful fresh colorful flowers and giving them a spectacular look and unique and amazing designs.


Dubai Miracle Garden is the largest natural flower garden in the world with more than 150 million colorful flowers and plants. It is a beautifully amazing and colorful garden in Dubai city, the garden was launch on Valentine’s Day 2013 and is set in the heart of Dubailand. This garden occupies over 72,000 square metres (780,000 sq ft), In April 2015; Dubai miracle garden was awarded the Moselle Award for New Garden Experiences of the year by the Garden Tourism Award 2015.