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Dubai Police arrest 458 beggars during Ramadan and Eid

Dubai: Dubai police arrested 458 people for begging this Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr.

The arrests are part of the force’s anti-begging campaign launched at beginning of April this year under the slogan “begging is misunderstood for compassion”.

Colonel Ali Salem, Director of Infiltrators Department at Dubai Police, said that officers distributed across the emirate especially near beggars gathering areas. “Beggars take advantage of people’s generosity, especially during Ramadan. Begging endangers the community’s security as it is connected with other crimes such as robbery and using children and people of determination for the purpose of begging,” Col Salem said.

Call on public

Police urged well-intentioned people not to be duped by anyone begging and instead donate to registered charities.

Dubai Police have urged community members not to be sympathetic towards beggars and to make donations only through legal charities. “People can report beggars on the toll-free number 901, or through the ‘Police Eye’ service, or via the E-Crime platform,” Col Salem added.

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