Dubai public sector CEOs come under new performance review

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Dubai: CEOs of Dubai’s public sector entities will be appraised using a new performance management system.

The system aligns the objectives of government entities with the performance of their CEOs and outlines clear indicators to evaluate them. The decision will facilitate “increased transparency and accountability in performance assessment” and promote innovation in leadership positions.

This follows His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum issuing Decision No. (6) of 2021 in his capacity as Ruler of Dubai and Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE.

Basis of evaluation
* The CEOs will be evaluated based on the individual’s vision and leadership, achievements, relations with stakeholders and organisational performance.

The CEO’s objectives and KPIs (key performance indicators) will be defined within the framework of the vision of Dubai Government and the particular department’s strategic plan.

* If the CEO receives ‘below expectations’ appraisals for two years in a row, the assessors will notify DGHR to take necessary actions.

A ‘competencies and performance committee’ will be formed to assess the performance of the CEO of any department that does not have a board of directors or board of trustees. The Dubai Government Human Resources (DGHR) department will provide technical and administrative support to the committee.

The CEO’s performance appraisal will be conducted by either the Director-General, line manager, chairman of the board of directors or board of trustees or by the competencies and performance committee as applicable.

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