Dubai RTA launches smart taxi-top billboards on 11,000 cabs

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Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has started installing smart taxi-top billboards as part of its endeavours in generating and diversifying revenues, the authority announced on Tuesday.

Khalid Al Awadi, director of Transportation Systems at RTA’s Public Transport Agency, said: “We work on creating investment opportunities through strengthening partnerships with the private sector, and work towards supporting the taxi sector through diversifying revenues sources. This project aims to invest our assets in serving the needs of clients through smart billboards installed on the roofs of more than 11,000 taxis. Ads on display will promote the products and services of advertisers contracting with RTA.”

Cutting-edge technology

“We have started with the installation of 100 billboards on vehicles belonging to the National Taxi company as an initial phase. The project is compatible with RTA’s digitisation drive and the smart city projects as it uses cutting-edge technology to meet the service needs of the public,” he added.

According to RTA, “the smart billboards will provide educative and informative content about events and activities. The billboards system is smart and automated so the content on display automatically changes to fit the target audience based on vehicles locations, as per as the marketing plan mapped out by the advertiser.”

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