Dubai Taxi delivers drivers on demand to 2,000 clients

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Dubai: Around 2,000 on-demand ‘My Driver’ services have been delivered by Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) since the introduction of the service in 2012 and until last year, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said on Thursday.

Mansour Al Falasi

“My Driver service is one of the novel and premium services introduced by DTC. This service keeps drivers on demand for serving customers, including individuals, parents, families or companies for specific periods agreed by both parties. The client provides a comprehensively insured vehicle along with fuel and DTC provides a professional driver,” said Mansour Al Falasi, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation, RTA.

Duration of contract

“The duration of contracts varies from daily to weekly and monthly. This community service primarily targets individuals and companies based in Dubai and offers them highly trained and professional drivers, following all the COVID-19 precautionary measures,” noted Al Falasi. He added: “DTC is always keen to deliver excellent services tailored to the needs of clients. Serving the public and making people happy remain our priorities.”

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How to avail the service?

You can apply for the service on DTC’s website (, or the call centre (80088088), or through the DTC smart app. Rates start from Dh250 per day to Dh1,000 per week and Dh3,500 per month.

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