Dubai’s newly discovered Moon Lake goes viral online

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Dubai: For outdoor aficionados, now is the perfect time to rediscover nature and the UAE’s wildlife as the pleasant, cooler weather is expected to continue until the end of April.

For Mona Al Tamimi, an Emirati executive who picked up photography as a hobby and has garnered a significant fan base on Instagram, has captured the hearts of UAE netizens who simply could not get enough of Dubai’s very own Moon Lake.

The photo was uploaded on social media with the caption: “In Ramadan, do not be afraid to have high ambitions, for God is great, and your wishes can indeed be realised.”

The lake is located in Dubai’s Al Qudra desert, and can be visited with the help of a 4×4 vehicle.

Over the weekend, scores of residents were encouraged to discover the Moon Lake for themselves. One social media user Mostafa, who accidentally discovered the lake, to find out that the area was inhabited by the Arabian Oryx, which were recently reintroduced into the desert as part of the UAE’s conservation efforts.

“So I found this moon shaped lake in the middle of Dubai desert! It’s another hidden gem, full of wild life and barely untouched nature. You will find a lot of Oryx in this area!! The views during sunset and sunrise are amazing,” he wrote.

The Moon Lake looks like its going to be the next big attraction after Love Lake, and the more recently discovered Pink Lake in the Al Rams area of Ras Al Khaimah.

The lake was re-discovered by 19-year-old Emirati student Ammar Al Farsi back in February, whose images of the spectacular pink lake went viral across UAE social networking sites.

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