Duo jailed for three years for posing as policemen in Dubai, kidnapping

Dubai: Two men have been sentenced for three years in jail to be followed by deportation for posing as policemen, kidnapping their countryman and stealing his money.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard was told that the 28-year-old Pakistani victim was preparing to sleep at his shared residence in Al Karama area in October last year, when the two defendants ages 28 and 35, entered the place asking for his name.

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They posed as policemen and asked him to come with them to the police station. “I refused and told them that I didn’t do any crime or committed any offence but they attacked me and tied my hands. They used a mask to blindfold me and took me to their car,” said the victim in official records.

The defendants stole Dh3,200 and the victim’s mobile phone.

Decent man

They asked him if there is any complaint against him with police but he insisted that he is a decent man living in Dubai without criminal record or complaints. “They returned me to my building when a police patrol stopped them and rescued me,” added the victim.

A 24-year-old policeman testified that he was patrolling in the area when he saw the vehicle and suspected something was amiss. The victim told the policeman that he was taken by the pair and showed his hand, where the marks of the handcuffs were still visible.

“I asked the suspects for their IDs. One showed me his Emirates ID and the second was searching his mobile phone for a copy of his ID when I spotted a picture of the victim tied up. He was trying to delete the pictures but I took his phone,” said the policeman in records.

The policeman searched the car and found $702,400 (Dh2.5 million) in fake banknotes. The court slapped the defendants with a fine of Dh4,000. The second defendant was additionally sentenced for two years and a fine of Dh200,000 over possessing fake currency.

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