Eid Al-Fitr Holidays in UAE 2023

Holidays for the festival, which is at the end of

The fasting period of the Islamic month, which is Ramadan

When do Eid AL FITR holidays come?

2023Apr 21, Apr 22, Apr 23, Apr 24
2022Apr 30, May 1, May 2, May 3, May 4, May 5, May 15


The private sector, public sector, and government departments will remain closed until Shawwal 3 from Ramadan 29 according to the Islamic calendar, except emergency services or some other offices which have some essential services to do will remain open for a limited time.

When does EID AL FITR arrive?

The Islamic festival of EID AL FITR is a fast-ending festival for the whole Muslim ummah; it is an important holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide at the end of Ramadan. The holiday is a gift for 29 or 30 days of dawn-to-set fasting during  Ramadan.

Eid day depends on moon sightings, so there could be a slight difference in the exact date worldwide. The EID AL FITR  is not announced until the 29 or 30 of Ramazan.

EID AL FITR Traditions

Eid AL Fitr is the most important festival for Muslims and is known for its traditions and customs. It is also called Choti Eid in some countries like Pakistan and India, and it is celebrated with more passion by different names worldwide.

EID AL FITR is celebrated in different ways in different countries, but there are some common ways that every other Muslim follows at this festival.

EID AL FITR arrives at a specific date of the moon, so every on begins to look at the sky at night to search for the moon. When the moon is spotted, children and older people begin to cheer up with happiness as the EID means happiness and AL FITR means breaking fast.


On the morning of EID AL FITR, Muslims worldwide take a bath and eat breakfast containing sweets and dates.

Male in families began to arrive at the Mosques, wearing new dresses to say their EID prayer. EID AL FITR prayer is carried out in the open sky where everyone bows to ALLAH on their prayer mats, saying, “ALLAH IS THE GREATEST,” After it, they embrace each other by saying, “EID MUBARAK,”. Muslims all around the world pay ‘Zakat al Fitr’ to help poor people enjoy their Eid; zakat can be in the form of cash or sweets or giving wheat, barley, etc. zakat is mainly given to nearby Mosques to utilize in the best way as possible.

Khutba follows Eid prayer, and everyone prays to ALLAH  for their forgiveness and mercy; listening to it is a requirement for Eid prayer.

After Eid prayer, everyone returns to their home, embraces each other, and has a mid-day family meal after fasting every day for a month. Eid gifts known as Eidi is given to younger family members as well as children in the form of money; female in the family clean and decorate their houses for the arrival of guests; they also wear beautiful dresses and apply henna (mehndi) on their hands to make them look beautiful, female cook food on Eid day in which the most crucial dish is ‘Sawiyan,’ which has been a tradition for a long time. Eid is a most enjoyable day for children as they receive gifts from their elders in the form of money, and they can spend them to where ever they want; On Eid day, restaurant owners earn the most as families arrive at restaurants for their dinner in the evening, fairs are also being held, and Muslims display fireworks.

Non-Muslims also visit their Muslim brothers on this day, becoming a part of their joy, especially for consuming their Eid dishes. Every Muslim greets themselves by wishing ‘EID MUBARAK,’ Eid celebration lasts for 3 days, while in some other countries, it is only a one-day holiday.