Eid Al Fitr: Hot, hazy weather to persist over the long weekend, from May 11 to May 15, maximum temperature to hit 43°C

Get ready for hot and hazy weather over the long Eid weekend. According to UAE’s National Center of Meteorology: “The weather will be rather hot in general, hazy at times during daytime, and warm at night.”

Maximum temperature to hit 43°C

Stepping into the cool confines of an air-conditioned area straight from the heat can lead to major health issues.
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Temperatures are expected to increase on Wednesday and Friday, across the country. The NCM said that the maximum temperatures over the coming days, will be between 34 to 38°C in coastal areas like Dubai and Sharjah, as well as the islands. Internal areas will see maximum temperatures hit 38 to 43°C, and in mountainous areas temperatures will be between 25 to 32°C, during the day.

Minimum temperatures in coastal and islands areas will be between 23 to 28°C, in internal areas 19 to 26°C, and in mountainous areas between 17  to 25°C.

Humidity will be high

High relative humidity is expected on most days, especially in the coastal areas of the country, reaching between 80-85 per cent.

The NCM forecast: “Humid over the coastal areas during night and early morning with a probability of mist formation, especially on Wednesday morning.”

Partly cloudy eastwards on Friday and Saturday

The NCM said that by Friday and Saturday, cloudy weather will be seen eastwards of the country.

The NCM said: “On Friday, it will be partly cloudy at times over Eastern areas, with another slight increase in temperatures.”

On Saturday, “low clouds appear over East coast by morning, which may be convective over mountains by afternoon”, the NCM added.

Windy and dusty on some days

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The NCM said that light to moderate winds will blow across the country over the next five days. “Light to moderate Northwesterly winds are expected during daytime, becoming Southwesterly by night in general,” the NCM forecast specified.

Strong winds are expected kick up dust in some parts of the country on Wednesday and Saturday.

Beach trip plans?

beach generic
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The sea will be relatively calm in the Arabian Gulf and in Oman Sea, till Saturday.

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