Emirati artist leads acrylic painting workshop for university students

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Abu Dhabi: A total of 25 UAE University students joined a virtual acrylic painting workshop guided by prominent Emirati artist and sculptor, Abdulraheem Salim.

During the two hours of the workshop, students from the university’s Fine Arts programme followed with great interest as Salim demonstrated advanced techniques for acrylic painting, and shared his extensive experience.

Salim is a well-known Emirati artist who was one of the first to contribute to the fine art movements in the country. He has had more than 10 solo art exhibtions till date.

“For 35 years I have been using acrylics. I work for around six to eight hours a day because I am retired. I do not stop. If I am not painting, I am sketching,” Salim told the students at the start of the workshop in order to motivate them.

The virtual nature of the workshop did not hinder Salim’s interactions with the participants.

“I discover something in my paintings. It gives me the shapes and textures, like this blue or black, or that light that is shining through in my painting,” Salim said as he worked to make some final corrections.

The workshop was organized by the Abu Dhabi Arts Society (ADAS) and university’s Visual Studies programme.

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