FaceApp! Is it a problem for everyone?

This is an app that allows consumers to show older and young ones

Today everyone is talking about Face App. This is an app that allows consumers to show older and young ones.

In recent days, there was a huge security threat to the face-to-face face app on social media. The app has accessed approximately 15 million users’ data. The new “Face App” manufactured by the Persian engineers has been criticized on social media. The user’s picture of this app’s face can be touched by his face. This app is being considered extremely user-friendly; user data security is also being questioned. According to the US Business Journal report, this app by the company

Approximately fifteen million users have access to the data. After installing the Face App, the user accepts all the terms of the company and the right to the company to use all the personalized personal information of the user. Apart from this application, users can use their own pictures. It is also permissible. According to the American journal, more than ten million people have downloaded it from Google Play. On the other hand, US Senator Chuck Schummer has written a letter to the FBI in which he attributed this app to a private threat for American citizens. According to the American journal, more than 10 million people have downloaded it since Google Play. On the other hand, US Senator Chuck Schummer wrote a letter to the FBI in which he described this app as a private threat to American citizens.

Thousands of people are using photographs of their experience on social media.

But since this face-changing feature has been viral for the past few days, some people have expressed reservations regarding the terms and conditions of this app.

He says the app-making company is using the data of the users. However, the Face App released a statement in which they say most photos are deleted after 48 hours after uploading to servers.

The company further says they upload only photos that users choose themselves. Apart from this, no additional image is used.

What is the face app?

Face App is not new. This was the first time news about two years ago due to its ethnic filters. With this feature, users could change their race. But after the critical criticism on the feature the company had to remove it.

It is definitely that with the help of this app, you can decorate a cheerful smile on the corners and bumps. And with this, make-up can also be changed.

All this is done with the help of artificial intelligence. An algorithm replaces the image of your face with another image.

With this, you can also decorate a face-to-face smile and bring a natural form by bringing changes in your surroundings around your mouth, little and dry.

So, what’s the problem?

Consumers were concerned when the app maker Joshua Nazi succumbed to the fact that the faces of the Face App users are uploading them out of their phone without their permission.

However, Elite Elderson, who investigated French cybersecurity, investigated the claims of Novzi’s claims.

They found that large numbers of photos are not being uploaded but Face App is just using the same photos that users have chosen themselves.

Face App also confirmed the BBC that pictures sent only by users are uploaded.

Face-to-face recognition

Some people have expressed concern that Face App may be collecting data from users that they are using an algorithm to train them with identification of faces.

This can also be done if pictures are removed because face measurement has already been saved.

Face App Chief Yaroslav Goncharo told the BBC: ‘No, we are not using these pictures for training such an algorithm but it is used only in the change of photos.’

Is that the only thing?

The thing is not exactly that. Some people ask why the App App uploads from the forehead, while Face App can process the pictures on a smartphone instead of taking these pictures to the cloud.

In the case of Face App, its server, where all the data is stored in the United States, whereas the company is in Russia and its offices are in Pittsburgh.

Jane Munichon Wong, who researches on cybersecurity, said in a tweet that Face App benefits from it, i.e. other companies working on such a way that they can not know that the App App’s Algorithm How works

‘Now I can understand why the App App uploads a user’s photo to your server and why it processes it in your server.’

Professionally, keeping the processing process code hidden on your server can prevent a competing affiliate company from copying it. It can also prevent business secrets from being banned.

University of London Steve Mendrock agrees. He told the BBC that: ‘It is necessary to keep someone’s private life safe and secure on the smartphone, but this process can slowly slow down, the battery can use more, And Face App technology can be easily stolen. ‘

An American lawyer, Elizabeth Weinstein, says that in the App App’s Terms of Use, it is said that user’s photo can be used for commercial purposes, including Face App ads.

But a technology related to the technology ‘Life Wire’ editor Lance Alnov poses attention to the Twitter terms, which example, for example, is mentioned: Now when we face the Face App in this discussion If he is telling our photographs, then in the meantime we need to re-read Twitter’s rules. “

Do users know this?

For some people, this is the basis for this issue. Petrobat Walsh, who took the sound of private life (Privacy), pointed out some sentences in the Face App Privacy Policy, that consumers data can be used for promotional reasons.

Google advertising features are also featured as Google AIDS in the app through which Google advertisements are displayed to users.

Walsh spoke to BBC News, saying that this work has been done in a ‘unclear way’ and ‘it does not give the right to choose and control the users’ right.

Goncharo says privacy policy is very common in Face App’s rules. He said that the company does not distribute any data for advertising purposes. ‘

He added that the app receives income through its special features.

Dr. Murdoch said that according to the ‘App App’ rules, the company can do anything with users’ photos. This is a cause of concern, but it is a common thing. “

Companies know that no one will do any harm to their rules, so they ask for more and more permission from consumers so that they do not need this data in their current projects. If so, they can use it later. ‘

What does the Face App say?

Gingcharo issued a statement of the company, saying that the Face App only uploads the photos that users choose to adjust.

According to the statement, the company never uploads any other images.

‘We can definitely place an image uploaded in the cloud.’

Its major reason is performance and traffic. We do not want a user upload the same image bar.

Most photos are removed from our servers within 48 hours. ‘

The announcement further states that the App App will verify data removal data and the company’s representatives are very busy with this.

Face App has told users that such applications can be submitted through privacy settings, support and ‘Report a Bug.’

According to the announcement, Russia’s data was not sent to Russia.

The UK’s Information Commissioner told BBC News that he was aware of the stories that expressed concerns regarding Face App and they are taking them seriously.

We will alert users to make sure they use personal information when they are using an app. Along with this, your personal information should not be given unless it is estimated that how they will be used. ‘

In the US Senate, minority leader Chinak Shumar said in a letter to the FBI, that he should investigate with regard to Face App.

The letter written by him on twitter has expressed concern that personal data of US users can go to a foreign provocative force.