Filipino father spends last available Dh35 in credit card to enter lucky draw, wins Dh142,857


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Dubai: A 34-year old Filipino expat really got lucky after using the remaining Dh35 left in his credit card. He used it to buy a Mahzooz ticket and won Dh142,857 in the draw held over the weekend.

Dennis, a Dubai resident and an accountant by profession, said: “That Dh35 was the last money I had on my credit card. I had originally meant to participate in the March 27 draw, but I submitted my entry just a few minutes late and so it rolled over to April 3. Thankfully, luck was really on my side.”

Dennis matched five out of six winning numbers (2-9-10-15-19-41) to share the Dh1m Mahzooz second-tier prize with six other expats, namely: Muhammad, 29, from Pakistan; Shehar, 39, from India; Cris, 32, from the Philippines; James, 30, from Ireland, and two other anonymous winners.

Lucky dad

Dennis, whose family is in the Philippines, said the past few months “have been filled with challenges and hardships because of the pandemic. Winning at Mahzooz (which means lucky in Arabic) could not have come at a better time”.

“When I logged into my account and saw my winning balance, I had tears in my eyes. I was shocked and happy, but it took a while for the win to sink in,” said Dennis, adding: “I just got married last year and we have a new-born daughter, but in January I left my job and haven’t found a new one yet. Not having a job right now is difficult and this money is the gift my family needed.”

A family man, Dennis said he has already made out a plan for his winnings. He shared: “I’m going to use this money to fully pay off our house [loan] back in the Philippines. What makes me even happier is now I can go home for a while and spend time with my baby — she is my precious lucky charm. This (prize) is such a big help for my family and I’ll always be able to look at my house and say ‘Mahzooz gave me this house’. Thank you Mahzooz,” he added.

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Who will win Dh50m?

Many have won the second-tier prize, but the Dh50m first prize is yet to be won. The next Mahzooz draw is scheduled for Saturday, April 10, at 9pm (UAE time). Entry price is Dh35. Entrants can participate by registering at Mahzooz website.


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