First person: How I fought COVID-19 in Dubai

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Dubai: I got COVID in the second week of January, i.e. beginning of New Year. Like everyone else who has been infected with the virus, I too had the symptoms like body pain, fever, coughing. When I took the test I came to know that I have tested positive with COVID-19.

There were two things I could have done, either get paranoid by the word COVID or take it head on. I did not go in to the shell. Because I had heard people feeling emotionally drained out and going into depression feeling negative. But I was determined to face the virus and defeat it.

I made sure that I keep myself busy and fight COVID with my determination, by doing my exercises, making my immunity strong. Taking the vaccination also helped me. But the most important thing is that I didn’t let it affect me mentally and took up the challenge that this is like any other virus and I can fight it.

Life as normal

Without exposing myself to others, I continued to do work from home. Doing all the required exercises, taking steam, gargling with hot water etc. Making sure I was running my life as a normal person, though being at home. For me it was like any other viral fever which had come in the past. This determination helped me to drive the COVID out in three days.

One important point that I want to emphasise on is that some symptoms like fever, body pain, cough and cold can be got rid of with a paracetamol but when the virus hits the lungs, it is a cause of worry.

Breathing exercises help

I came across a lot of people who faced breathing issue, which was due to oxygen not reaching the lungs and needed medical attention. Some even caught the dreadful pneumonia. This can be avoided by doing simple but effective breathing exercises which are called Pranayama for minimum 15 minutes daily. Also meditation exercises help to keep the mind calm and relaxed.

Trust me, my dear friends, as much as the vaccine is important to build one’s immunity, but doing basic exercises to strengthen your immunity which can be swimming, running, taking a brisk walk or just breathing exercises will help you to fight any viruses which will come across. And ensure you lead a normal and healthy life.

– Anis Sajan is Vice-Chairman of the Danube Group.

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