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Five-year-old Indian expatriate boy in Dubai sets record

Dubai: A five-year-old Indian expatriate boy in Dubai has set an Indian record. Ranesh Vrishin, studying in KG2 at Delhi Private School (DPS) Dubai set a record for reading a book upside down. His name has been recorded in the India Book of Records for reading the story book The Gingerbread Man upside down.

Speaking to Gulf News, his mother Sumitra said her son set the record on March 30 while he was enjoying his spring break.

During the spring break holidays, Ranesh was playing with “Tricky words yardstick”, a reading tool given to him by his school. “My son was reading the story upside down for some reason. I realised he had a rare talent. So I gave him a little practice to read a whole book upside down. And he did it. It took him four days to achieve this feat without a mistaken. In fact he read 12 pages of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ book, all of it upside down in four minutes and 21 seconds.

‘Excited to hear the news’

Ranesh said: “My mother shot a video of me and sent it to the India Book of Records. After a week we got the confirmation that I have set a new record. My parents and I were excited to hear the news,” said the little star.

The five year-old boy showed clarity of thought of speech. “I loved the whole experience. There were some words which were difficult to read upside down. But I did it. Luckily I had school holidays and I could practice well enough for this.”

Ranesh is said to be an academically bright child as well. “He scored A plus last year at school.”

Surprisingly Ranesh has never experienced school life according to his mother. “Due to COVID-19 restrictions, he has been doing his studies through e-learning. I stay full time with him to help him with his studies. He has gained lot of communication between his peers and teachers, all virtually though.”

Other interests

Ranesh is a car enthusiast and Dodge is his favourite brand. “He always plays with cars and car games online. His favourite shows are Paw patrol, Peppa Pig, Ryan’s world, Blippi in you tube,” said his mother.

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He has his own You tube channel “Raising Ranesh” for the benefit of children kids about reading story books and other entertaining videos. He likes to read books, drawing, cycling and online games.

Sumithra said her son has the habit of drawing alphabets all the time whether on water or his food. He is fascinated with letters and alphabets. “I cannot wait to see where this rare talent will take him in the future,” she said.

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