Four-year-old American girl in UAE enters record books for reading books non-stop


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Al Ain: A four-year-old American girl in Al Ain has set a record for reading 36 books nonstop for an hour and 45 minutes.

Kiara Kaur read various fairy tales and children’s books, some meant for readers twice her age, for the feat in February, her mom Dr Little Mahendra said.

The avid reader’s milestone has been recognised by London-based ‘World Book of Records’ and ‘Asia Book of Records’, based in India.

‘What happens next?’

Kiara’s appetite for reading is fuelled by her strong sense of curiosity, her mom said. “Kiara always wants to know what happens next, what happens to the character in the book,” she added.

Kiara’s love for books first surfaced when she was three, while attending nursery, where she would head straight for the books, her teacher had told her mom. Kiara (who is of Indian origin) has read over 200 books so far, Dr Mahendra said.

“Kiara is a very talkative, inquisitive girl. She wants to know everything; she keeps asking me questions. She is also a sporty kind of girl; she likes swimming and hiking.”


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