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French motorist convicted in Dubai for running over cyclist after jumping red light

Dubai: A Dubai motorist, who was accused of accidentally killing a cyclist after he jumped a red light, was ordered to pay Dh200,000 in blood money.

The Dubai Court of Appeals overturned the one-month sentence issued by Dubai Traffic Court and upheld the Dh10,000 fine as well as the blood money. The judges also suspended the motorist’ driving licence for three months.

According to official records, the 50-year-old French driver jumped a red traffic signal at 10.10am in November of last year and ran into a cyclist trying to cross Sheikh Rashid Road from a designated area. Due to the severity of the impact, the cyclist sustained head injuries that led to his death. Police arrested the motorist who was referred to Dubai Traffic Prosecution. The motorist was charged with causing a wrongful death and damaging property.

Emirati lawyer Awatif Khouri from Al Rowaad Advocates, representing the French driver said: “The driver crossed the signal when it turned yellow not red. The cyclist appeared all of a sudden and my client couldn’t avoid hitting him.” According to Article 25 for UAE’s traffic law, a yellow signal allows a vehicle to cross with caution if a complete safe stop was not possible, she told the court.

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According to records, the traffic report blamed the driver for the accident.

Khouri insisted that the cyclist had crossed the road despite the pedestrian’s signal on his end was still red and requested her client be cleared of the charge.

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