From Caveman To Data File

We are no more human; we are evolving into data files. We the human are investing more in collecting data about human and human societies, but less on human and humanity. In this article let me tell you what happens behind your screen.

The war in the future will be all about data. Every person is a set of specific data that represents aspects of him and his society., And this data is stored in mega data centers like Google, Amazon, and Apple, etc. As long as Artificial Intelligence takes control of the significant activities of human life, soon the world will be ruled by these data centers.

Every query you make in Google, every keyword we enter to get answered, it shapes the face of our personality and the body of our society in these data centers.

You might be thinking what is a big deal if someone tracks or keeps a note of my data or searches?

Let’s make an assumption. You have an expensive diamond ring, and you want to sell it, but you don’t know where and how to sell it. You can go out of your home and anyone you see on the road. He may answer your question or direct you to a possible solution if he couldn’t.

In the end, you will sell your item. But if we look at this matter, in reality, the story will be different. You will not ask from anyone walking on the street. He could be anyone could be a fair person, or he could be a thief as well. Now that person has specific information about you. He concludes that you are a rich person. At this point, it’s up to him if you want to solve your problem or use you for himself. He may try to get into theft as well.

Artificila Intellegence.
Artificial Intelligence

Your online information is even more precious and vital than your capital in the bank. Have you ever noticed some specific advertisements repeatedly appearing in your computer browser or mobile apps? Believe me they were designed just for you. Take a look at the circumstances; if you are interested in cars, you will see the ads about vehicles and related items but not about dog collars. Seamlessly if you are involved in cryptocurrency, you will see announcements about digital currency all around.

In reality, you are being targeted by advertisement companies to see the advertisements of their relevant advertisers. Advertising companies gather data of every person on the web.

They know what you do, they know what your occupation is, they even know your religious beliefs and your behavior to social events.

You provide all of this information by asking various questions from the web or hitting a thumbs up on social media platforms. All of this data is stored in files of your name or your society in different data centers.

All the large brands spend billions and billions of dollars on advertising themselves in front of people in a specific country or city.  Any of the data centers have more and accurate data about a targeted society will win the most valuable contract of advertisements.

If it is just a matter of advertisements its not a big deal, but this data can be used by enemies of you to trace your interests and know your weaknesses.

This is where the real war begins.