Gold Rates in UAE

Dubai gold rates today

24k 227, 50 AED, 22k 213.75 AED, 21k 204.00 AED, and 18k 174.75 AED are today retail gold rates in Dubai.

Today’s gold rates in Dubai are AED. 96, 800 per 10 grams, for per tola AED 112, 900 according to the Dubai sarafa market gold rates and international market gold rates, the 22 karat gold price is AED. 88,733 per 10 grams.

This page serves as giving the most relevant information about gold rates prevailing in the United Arab Emirates, gold rates in UAE per gram today is updated online for those who wish to purchase or measure gold in grams.

The main concern for the purchasers and traders of gold is the price of gold. it has been observed that the gold price keeps on fluctuating.

In UAE gold rates per gram in dirham AED is available for any gold jewelry you purchase. Usually, women purchase in tola, therefore: you can access the authentic price of gold in the United Arab Emirates today per tola can be beneficial for you. One tola price of gold in the United Arab Emirates is surely helpful in calculating the amount of total quantity of gold.

Price of gold in UAE per tola:

In Dubai, (UAE), find gold price in AED Dirham, maintaining sufficient gold reserves plays a vital role in stabilizing the trading business of Gold Souq in the United Arab Emirates. Gold souq in Dubai city is most searched and followed, among the other cities of UAE.

Dubai is traditional and is situated in the heart of the commercial district of Al Dhagaya, the claims to cater to over three hundred jewelry retailers. There are several stores established in souq from where you can grab the Joy Alukkas price of gold in Dubai city. Damiani jewelry price in Dubai city. The popular group manages the ARY gold shop in Dubai, UAE as well as Pakistan.

Gold rates or price in the United Arab Emirates is listed here and online users residing in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras-al Khaimah, and Ajman can browse them easily. The damas gold rates in the United Arab Emirates along with the gold and diamond park are the leading international jewelry retail store that impacts the changes in gold rates. You can find the most prestigious Atlas Jewelry in Dubai gold rates, Taiba gold jewelry in Dubai online, and Malabar gold rates in Dubai (UAE).

Find live international gold rates in UAE 14k/ounce US$ and its converted prices in gold 24k per ten gram and gold 22k per ten gram.

Indians and other Asian buyers are typically interested in buying, 22k jewelry. European visitors and younger buyers tend to prefer purchasing, 18k gold jewelry in Dubai, UAE.

Inspectors from the Dubai central laboratory perform checks on the gold and jewelry retails. The metal of gold, other precious metals, and gems are meticulously tested for purity and authenticity; weighing scales are tested to ensure they are correctly calibrated.

All retailers are aware of strict regulations in regulations in place so, non-compliance is extremely rare.

Gold rates in the United Arab Emirates:

Gold Unit  Gold Price in UAE  Gold Price in US$           (USD)
Gold 24k per OunceAED 6,953.70$1,893.26
Gold 24k per 10 GramsAED 2,235.63$608.69
Gold 22k per 10 GramsAED 2,049.33$557.97
Gold 24k per TolaAED 2,607.86$710.03
Gold 22k per TolaAED2,390.54$650.86

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